01Jan 2024

My fabulous Chambers!

Happy New Year!

It’s only another day but it’s symbolic of new hope, new starts and kickstarting a new attitude and start to drink in the life of 2024.

Personally I don’t bother with new year resolutions, if I really want to do something I do it then and there, why wait until 1st January? The gyms are going to be so full of half-hearted good intentions to get fit which will have dissipated before the end of February!

Some of you know I have a passion for health and wellbeing. Once I tried pilates, I was hooked. Within a year I was addicted to various dance and cardio classes and more recently yoga. I’m in the process of arranging new activities, one includes being very graceful and the other a bat and ball lol. Not bad for someone who at the end of 2018, through illness found walking and to be frank functioning difficult. It goes to show that you can turn yourself around from any situation with a little effort and oodles of determination.

It’s been suggested, many a time, that you would appreciate me putting a package together to help you become motivated in getting your health, fitness, shape and confidence back. Obviously, with a punishment if you would be daft enough to attempt to shirk. I have helped a couple of you with this but I’m now ready to pull something more structured together so watch this space.

The techniques I’ve learnt in my dance classes particularly ballet are invaluable in teaching deportment to those of you who are so inclined. If you enjoy cross dressing, you may be pleased to learn I’m going to be offering make-up, pamper experiences for you and possibly photoshoots as a bolt on. Once I’ve worked out the detail, I will let you know.

I’ve now got the dungeon furniture up in my chambers. The picture doesn’t show it very clearly, but the stocks, kneeling bench, St Andrew’s Cross and horse bench are all erected. It can also be jiggled around to have a medical treatment type couch set up in it. I also have a therapy/beauty room that I am in the process of setting up. I just love my new place; it flows so well. I’m not saying there aren’t any teething issues but that’s the case with any property.

Therapy room that be ideal for beauty and pampering sessions, tranquil with plenty of natural light or with the blinds pulled more private.
I am eventually rebranding. Why? I feel I have outgrown Amelia Birch and have some associations with her that I’m ready to let go of and develop further in other avenues. I will let you know what those avenues are once I’m fully trained, or perhaps at the stage I need willing victims to practice on.

Once I’ve rebranded, I will try and make it so you will be directed to the new domain from this site.
I’m also toying with the idea of OnlyFans but not as you would expect. More along the lines of informative and instructional on all those things you are usually unable to ask anyone.

Oh one more particularly important point. I will be formalising some age restriction guidelines for certain activities. I already have a strict policy on this as I’ve found the older some people get the more unrealistic you are about your capabilities; I will just be formalising it for you to consider. I’m not prepared to risk your health and/or my reputation by your unreasonable expectations. I say guidelines as age is a relative concept. Someone who is 65 who has taken his health seriously, enjoys sport and eats healthily could be in a much better condition than someone half his age who does no exercise, eats unhealthily resulting in all manner of hidden health conditions. This will hopefully help you assess for yourself your own capabilities but my decision on the matter will be final. Stood up in the dock saying “but M’Lord he said it would be ok, he wouldn’t die if I did [x, y, z] to him” wouldn’t get me off the hook!

Why the surge forward on my plans now? No, it’s not because it’s New Year, I’ve covered that above. Now that I’m settling into the new place and not losing so much time to travelling, being less exhausted and much more relaxed makes it’s the ideal opportunity for me to move forward with the things I’ve wanted to do for such a long time, but logistics had prevented.

I have a busy January ahead of me so please bear with me. I will put out details as soon as I can. I’m eager to have new experiences in my world of fantasy and domination. I, of course, will not be too busy to include a few sessions in January but you will need to be organised and arrange with plenty of notice. Please note that January is reserved for the more reliable amongst you.

Enjoy what’s left of the Bank Holiday and see you very soon.

Ms Birch x

29Oct 2023
Make Over with Ms Amelia BIrch

Ready to make you pretty…

Now that I’m predominently concentrating on outcalls with occasional incalls, I wanted to reassure you that my fabulous pampering makeovers are still available in the comfort of your own home or even hotel as well as my place.  Of course you can incorporate additional activities just let me know when you book in.  For visits to you, I will arrive casually dressed and change into more appropriate attire for our session once indoors.  I will have a full make-up kit and various wigs, heels with me for you to experiment with depending on your requirements.

I don’t claim to be a professional MUA (make-up artist) but I have been doing my own makeup for decades and that of others for many years.

I cater for all levels from the total novice to the experienced dresser.  Let me know if you wish to include deportment and I will enjoy guiding you on your walk and stance.

Perhaps you would like a light hearted and relaxed photoshoot incorporated into your makeover, I’m happy to do this using your phone to give you assurance of privacy.  However, if you wish me to use my camera you are assured of professionalism and discretion, all pictures will be yours and once they are either downloaded there and then or emailed to you they will be deleted at my end.  Over a decade in the adult industry has taught me a thing or two about posing for shoots and I’m happy to direct you giving you a few tips.  I have an eye for getting that shot for you too.  If you wish to include other activities in our session I recommend the photoshoot is directly after the makeover so you don’t loook deshevelled in your pics.

Once your ready to be made to embrace your feminine side and experience a makeover drop me an email with the essential details such as:

  • Your location and type of venue if you wish an outcall to
  • The date(s) you know 100% you have a window of opportunity
  • The time
  • The duration you wish to book
  • What you would like to gain from the makeover ie. experiment with a different look or relax and enjoy the experience, perhaps
  • A brief list of other activities if any you would like to incorporate into your makeover

Don’t be shy, I welcome approaches from genuine enquiries that provide the above information in their first contact.  However, those that are attempting to waste my time will merely be blocked.

It is worth noticing that yahoo and outlook block lots of adult provider emails including mine, who said the nanny state doesn’t exist?!

It’s best to email me from a different email provider.  If you contact me from these providers I won’t be able to email you back from this domain.  I will attempt to email you from a general email that I will be setting up shortly but there is a chance that the new email may also be rejected depending on how they scan email content.

I will look forward to hearing from you.

Ms Birch x




05Dec 2022

Ms Birch in PantyhoseHello kinksters

Here’s one for the lovers of pantyhose, strappy sandals and stilettoes.  I truly spoil you sometimes!

Are you just loving my long shapely legs encased in nylon?

I could rave on for ages over the options of pantyhose fetish.  Nude, black, nearly black, patterned, colours, 15 denier, 70 denier, dance tights, toeless tights, full gusset, crotchless…

That’s before I even start to consider the options for those of you that love to slip on a pair of nylons too.

So if you, like me, adore pantyhose book in before the festivities get too much in our way and we can explore further.

Ms Birch x

03Jul 2022

Hello Luvlies,

If you have been pondering on anal play but aren’t sure what it’s all about this has been written for you.  There may even be a few titbits for gents who have already experienced anal.

I’ve included a few points worth considering before requesting this anal.


Be realistic about your expectations.  The earth is unlikely to move the first time you try anal play although it’s not totally out of the question.  Your body needs to become accustomed to the sensation of being entered when the muscles in this area are designed to expel.  Sometimes it can take several sessions of including anal play for you to be comfortable with the sensations before you start to enjoy it.

From time to time I am approached by an overexcited puppy who requests that I take them with the biggest strap-on I have.  When I ask, “when did you last experience a strap-on?” I get a “never I’m new to this”.  I will leave you to take a wild guess as to whether they get any further than that…

If you can relax and are comfortable with the sensation it can be extremely pleasurable and in some cases, mind blowing leaving you in a haze with wobbly legs lol.

Everyone is different so not everyone will enjoy anal play despite what the world of porn would have you believe.  You will never know if you will or won’t until you have tried.

Another thing the world of porn forgets to tell you is that you need to prepare properly for anal.


That brings me nicely onto anal prep.  No, it simply isn’t a matter of washing your arse in the shower!  Although I would expect you to properly wash your anus as a matter of course.  A wipe does NOT get rid of pungent aromas.  Separate those butt cheeks and properly wash the whole area with lots of soap and water.  I know lots of you have never done this, you need to start as this is REALLY the minimum expectation and anything less doesn’t hack it.

I digress, back to anal prep.  This involves popping in a suppository and waiting for it to work to ensure your anal cavity is emptied.  Obviously, checking you aren’t allergic or have any medical reasons for not doing so.  After you have emptied this needs to be followed by a proper INTERNAL anal douching using the correct equipment.  Only when the water exiting you after the internal anal douche runs clear are you clean enough for anal play.

I’m happy to help you with this when you arrive just let me know in advance.  Don’t try and blag it.  Quite simply, you won’t do it correctly and could injure yourself or make a terrible mess if you don’t know what you are doing.

Keeping  Safe

You are now squeaky clean and we are at the point of the main event:

I’m not saying I’m an expert, but I do operate in a safe and sane manner and have done some serious research in this area to mitigate any problems and give you the best experience that your mind and body will allow you to have.  Yes, mind too.  Your brain is your biggest sexual organ so if you aren’t in the right mindset or set a mental block you are not going to get the most out of our time together.

The key is slowly does it and obviously lots of good quality lube that is designed for the anal area – not an item to penny pinch on.

The skin in that part of your anatomy is extremely delicate so if you experience any pain, you must be honest and let me know.  We can try different angles, different positions, different toys – sizes, material, shapes etc to find what you enjoy but you need to engage in the process too.  I will be wearing gloves and despite all the toys being thoroughly sterilised they are also covered in condoms.

I absolutely cringe when I see advertising “I will take you with the biggest strap-on until you bleed”!  Really what planet are some people on?  Can you imagine that conversation in A&E:

“Now Mr X how did you manage to get that enormous dildo in your rectum?” (snigger, snigger)

“Oh, it’s stuck, is it? (snigger, snigger).

“Ahh, I see you have lost half of your blood supply” (no sniggering at that point).

“Emergency surgery it is then” (roll of eyes).

Don’t our NHS have enough on their plate without stupidity adding to the burden?  That’s before we even go into the fact that toys that are too big can cause problems with your urinary tract.

Still eager to try?  Hopefully.

Pleasure Zone

If you are suited to anal play the pleasures can be phenomenal.  A deep pleasure like no other, physically and mentally.  There are many reasons for seeking anal play:

  • Simply touching and stroking your (clean) anus can provide some with great pleasure.
  • Enjoy the actual sensation of being opened and filled.
  • Enjoy a vibrating toy to be included.
  • Prostate massage and the mind blowing orgasm that can create when all the stars line up.
  • Enjoy the mind play of being taken anally.
  • If you are searching for humiliation from being taken anally there is nothing to match.
  • If you wish to embrace your feminine side and feel what it is to be entered.
  • Perhaps even a mix of the above.

The above list is not exhaustive.

I hope this helps you decide if anal play is something you would like to experience and perhaps what your expectations are too.

Ms Birch x

15May 2022
Ms Amelia BIrch

After a long day at the office!

Hello All

So where has the time gone?  I’ve just realised I haven’t blogged since January and my social media presence has been hit and miss to say the least.

Life has been a little full on.  I have a busy life away from my busy ProDomme persona.  I’ve now organised things a little differently to free up the time to torment you more.

Watch this space for updates.

My diary is quickly filling up for this week but I have Tuesday 17th, the morning of Friday 20th and before 4pm on Saturday 21st May.  The following week is a little better but avoid Monday and Wednesday.

A little reminder ~ please ensure you give me enough detail but don’t get carried away in your first email to me.  A well constructed and courteous email introducing yourself which includes the following would be looked on favourably:

~   Your name, age and any health issues that you have so I can prepare a session around your needs

~   The date and time you wish to session

~   The duration

~   A brief outline of the activities you have an interest in.  I do not have the time or inclination to read a novel so please keep to the point.

If you are feel the urge to use random letters rather than full words or use the words “Hiya”, “Hey”, “Babes” or anything similar please don’t hold your breath waiting for a response.

I will look forward to making your fantasy a reality.

Ms Birch

25Jan 2019

Hanging Around

Happy belated New Year!

Where have the last couple of weeks gone?  It’s all seems to have disappeared in a haze of being busy not appearing to do very much.

I miss having my own Chambers set up but don’t worry sessions are still good fun in my domestic setting here in as the above pictures shows.  With my wicked imagination the pleasurable torment still flows.

I have now literally only got weeks left (8 I think) to find a new setting before my lease ends at my current property.  It’s my choice not to renew even though I adore the property, which with all it’s amazing features lends itself perfectly to a dungeon environment, but sadly I’m not enamoured with the lack of maintenance by the owner of the building.

So I’m look for a premises be it commercial or domestic that would suit my demanding needs either here or further afield or then again should I be looking to return to the south coast?  A bit of a dilema but I need to lay down some roots somewhere soon.  Three or four moves within a 12 month period are not good for the soul.  Any landlords with a well maintained and discreet property (domestic or commercial considered) to rent for my sole use, I don’t share, do get in touch and we can talk.  I’ve found a few possibilities but each has a problem; either ridiculously over priced or up with an agent I wouldn’t trust to boil a kettle let alone deal with such a major transaction.  The latest property I found appears to be right, or is that just wishful thinking, but has the potential of too many repairs needed on a self-repairing commercial lease basis.

I hate being in limbo, I like structure and plans but I’ve got uncertainty and my lounge at home has become akin to a rather large storage unit with packing boxes taking over.

Wish me luck in my search or make it your mission to impress me by finding the “right” premises.

Keep an eye on my website as I’ve got a very special treat planned for sessions booked for February details to follow.

Ms Birch x


31Aug 2018

Cane Discipline

Your lucky buttocks are in for a treat!

I’ve added a few delights to my cane collection, derlin, manila, rattan and fibreglass.

Present yourself appropriately to feel the wonderful sting as they connect to your skin and glow with the beautiful stripes that will adorn your body when you leave feeling fully drained of the stresses of life.

You are required to report for your delightful punishment asap!

05Mar 2018

Ms Amelia Birch in fabulous new wet-look dress


So, you think I am so weak that I will be swayed with a bit of bribery? I must admit I did feel a bit of a flutter as I picked up the parcels from the Royal Mail office but do not take that as an indication that I am going soft.

Even though you send me lovely items from my favourite shops, Honour and Hawes & Curtis, a rather gorgeous wet-look dress, and lovely blouses [see picture] let me tell you now, quite clearly, YOU WILL STAY IN CHASTITY!

For goodness sake it’s only been 5 weeks. Granted I had forgotten about your predicament until you began snivelling about your discomfort, but I will be the one to decide when you are allowed release and no amount of begging will change that. You will continue in your distracted state at least until I return from my trips away when I will consider your situation.

You may gaze at the picture of me wearing my new dress and imagine how wonderful it would be to feel the soft satin stroke your nakedness as I glided by you wearing the dark blouse.

Ms Birch x

28Nov 2017

Hello All

I’m back at last after coming down with a stinking virus.  For the rest of the week I’m only taking a limited number of sessions so book early to avoid disappointment.

See if you can match up to the start of an amazing week.  My days can never be predicted and at times can seem pretty surreal but the highlights so far this week are an amazing crucifixion role play and today a plastic panty spanking session.

You cannot imagine how fabulous it is to have a slave tied to the cross all his weight on his wrists and ankles suspended in air on his cross unable to release himself, trapped until I climb up the ladder to release him.  Rest assured he wasn’t allowed down until he is thoroughly tormented and teased with my amazing collection of sexy shoes.  No matter how much he begs he isn’t released.  I do adore having you beg me for mercy.

Who would have thought that plastic panties could enhance the sound of spanking as you are tied to the bed.  Unable to move you can only attempt to squirm as I spank you hard through your plastic panties as you are heating up and sweating inside them.  First my leather gloved hand warms up your lily white flesh before you get the harshness of my bare hand.  Then you take your punishment with paddles soft and padded then hard wooden with studs followed by a vintage leather tawse.  You take as much as you can before I pull down your panties and gently run my long manicured nails across your back down to your fiery red buttock.  You relax into the pleasure and pain not know which is the is the most intense part of the sensation.

Now if you think you are worthy of my attention I suggest you don’t dilly-dally and call (after reading my website) to arrange to experience your long thought about fantasy.

Ms Birch x


04Nov 2017

There is a place for fantasy and let’s face it most of what I do is based on fantasy but when YOU are trapped in the realm of fantasy and unable to connect to reality this is sadly a one-way ticket to disappointment.

I see it all the time, emails from the unrealistic complaining about “let downs” by other Mistresses but when you try to drill down why they feel “let down” it usually comes down to their “perfect fantasy” wasn’t fulfilled.  In most cases the reality can never ever match what is in their head.

The imagination is an amazing thing where anything and everything is possible, you can magically float on air, your body can be distorted in a variety of impossible positions without breaking or dislocating, you can tolerate incredible temperatures without burning etc etc .  Imagination enables you to do anything and you don’t have to consider your own physical restrictions, your safety or even what equipment is needed.

The more sensible “fantasists” realise that imagination feeds the impossible and that is why many choose to visit an experienced professional dominatrix as they know their wellbeing is of the utmost importance and their requirements as far as humanly possibly will be catered for with skill and grace and enjoy the pleasures of sensations whether they be tormenting or enjoyable in a subspace leaving the issues of “reality” in the hands of your dominatrix.

The less experienced “fantasist” will simply continue to chase the impossible blaming those around them for their own lack of ability to tune into a happy place between the unachievable fantasy and the restrictions of reality.  These are the people that have no respect for the time of others and will happily attempt to waste my time.

So, to help those that are deluded in their thinking that an initial contact of a wank email (or indeed phone call) will impress I have summarised below what to include and what to avoid:


A polite salutation addressing me correctly

A succinct and polite request for the date, time and duration you wish to session.  Obviously the broader the range of time you have available the more likely you are to find a gap in my busy diary.

A brief note of your experience.  I do not want to know details of every encounter you have had since the age of 18, what your past dommes enjoyed, what your wife likes or doesn’t like!  I will have given up reading your email before I get to the second sentence.  A mere “This is my first visit to a professional dominatrix” or “I have many years’ experience in xx” will do.

A note of your likes, ie specific areas such as CP or electroplay and to what level.  Stating “BDSM” tells me nothing other than you have no idea about anything.

A note of your hard limits.

You also need to include your mobile phone number, so it can be noted on my phone for when you are requested to call.

Remember to always be polite and courteous any derogatory language will simply result in you being blocked.


If you feel you can’t get across what you are looking for in this format I would recommend you stay safely cosseted in your own imagination rather than waste the time of real people.

Ms Birch x


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