Manchester Mistress
Manchester Mistress
Manchester Mistress

Ms Amelia Birch – Hampshire & London Mistress – Medical Play


Hants MistressYour check-up is seriously overdue. You need to be thoroughly examined so it can be determined if that is a serious ailment or something that can be treated in the clinic.

You will be trembling with anticipation and maybe a little fear as you ring to book in for your FULL EXAMINATION and immediate TREATMENT.

Ensure you present yourself correctly or you may find the nurse takes charge and shaves you or even adeptly plucks each and every one of those unruly hairs, I will take care to ensure you feel every extraction…

What, you’ve not prepared yourself? Bend over for your enema…

Finally, you are ready, so the examination may begin:

Just out of sight you hear the twang of the latex glove, your eyes straining to see and your mouth suddenly becomes very dry unsure what to expect…

The coldness of the stethoscope heightens your anxiety, there is no turning back now you have given complete control of your body to me.

Be assured, dependent upon your ailment the examination and diagnosis followed by treatment will be thorough and intense and may well include:

  • An intimate anal examination using a gloved hand and various implements which may lead to further rectal treatments being necessary.
  • Mild breath play along the lines of smothering, to be discussed beforehand.
  • Chastity ensuring you are painfully aware of your over excitement.
  • Cock and ball torture (CBT) penile and testicular examination and treatments
  • Electrotherapy treatments have been used in medicine since the 1700s. Let’s see what your reaction is to the electrical stimulation of your body. I use the both a violet wand with glass electrodes, a capacitator and flogger or for a different experience the E-stim power box with cock straps, rubber loops, python and urethral sounds for cock and ball play the whisk and double pin wheel for sensation play and anal flange.
  • First aid including bandages, dressings, splints and ointments where necessary.
  • Penile examination and treatments may involve hand massage but be aware your excitement will not be tolerated, penis pump enlargement, vibration insertion of stainless steel urethral sounds or even stimulation with electro urethral sounds.
  • Restraint will more than likely be required to ensure you do not wriggle too much. I have a selection of restraints to select from, leather, rope, chains, satin etc. We will discuss your requirements at the time of booking.
  • Sensation play is always a good indicator of your overall state of being. Methods employed may include: ball chain crop, hair pulling, hot wax, ice, nettles, pin wheel, scratching, sensory deprivation, ticklers, vibrations.
  • Testicular examination may include manual massage, tickling and scratching helping to find a diagnosis that may result in treatments such as being bound with elastic/rope/laces/nylons, gentle stimulation or something much harsher including flicking, spanking, crushing, twisting. Where a more intense treatment is needed a humbler and even electrostimulation may be required.

If you have your own medical scenario that you wish me to consider please do not hesitate to contact me.