08Jun 2021

Over the last couple of years two men who were each important to me for different reasons explained they lived their lives as a lie trying to “do the right thing”.  Each had terrible consequences as doing “the right thing” led to them and their loved ones being desperately unhappy and disappointed.  Living a lie is never the right thing.  I’m pleased to say one of those with the help of intense counselling came out of a very dark place happier and more confident and is now learning who they really are.  The other sadly continues to make himself and those around him extremely unhappy by “doing the right thing”.

How many of you are living your lives trying to “do the right thing”?  The better description of that may be living as someone other than yourself to fit into a box of what you perceive is expected of you.

How can you think it makes anyone around you happy knowing that you aren’t being true to yourself and miserable in a futile attempt to please them?

This is an issue that goes far beyond coming to terms with kinks and fetishes but affects everyday life too.  If you feel you need to lie to make others feel better about you, that is an issue.

Invariably this results in a lack of fulfilment as you can never achieve the perfection imposed by your own mind.

Why do you lie?  Is it that you want to be liked?  Why do you feel you can’t be liked as the real you?

Why do you think others have such impossible expectations of you?  Do others really expect of you what you are putting on yourself?

Are you making the people around you happy by being this false version of yourself?  Doubtful, those around you will know that there is something amiss.

Stand back and consider where these notions originally came from.  Have you simply created a scenario that is the easier option?  Will the world dramatically end if you become yourself?  Being honest about who you are and your own wants, needs and desires will help those that love you understand you better.

Before you suddenly declare to the world think carefully who you sound off to and how.

Clearly not everyone is interested, the work colleague who sat across from you 2 years ago or a random stranger isn’t going to care but those that love you hopefully will.  If they aren’t interested or indeed don’t care maybe it’s time to let go of the perceived security blanket holding you to them and make your own way being YOU.

Lots of people, but I’ve found men, struggle to let go of the apron strings whether that be the aprons of their mothers or partners through fear of change.  Scary as it seems at first, there is no doubt change can be scary, you can do it.  It may not be perfect to start with, but it will be true.

To be taken seriously you need to be calm and clear in your own head and allow the person you discuss you with the time to absorb and understand.  Suddenly declaring you want a deep discussion about something so massive and totally out of the blue isn’t fair and won’t get you the reaction you desire.  Be kind and considerate and respect the enormity of the shock you are laying on your confidante.  They had become accustomed to believing in your lie and will need time to learn to love the truth of you.

Now is the perfect time to reassess where you are.  Everything in the world changed and we are now beginning the journey to normalising, akin to awakening from a cocoon.  You can take this opportunity to go down a different path to the one you found you were trudging along before Covid-19 turned our lives upside down and inside out.

I too have done a lot of soul searching and worked out what I desire of my life and what is feasible.  Don’t misunderstand, I have never been afraid of change but am someone who embraces it.  It could be said that I seek out change.  I assume that comes from an original starting point where change could only result in an improvement, I have lived my life on that basis since.

I am in a privileged position that due to unexpected life events prior to the first lockdown I had to reassess my life with the new understanding that it is a precious gift not to be wasted.  The lockdowns have enabled me to recuperate and prepare for the new me.  I feel more balanced in my understanding of me and focused on how I wish to pursue my life.  Perhaps feistier, definitely more passionate about the things that matter and totally indifferent to those that don’t.  I will let you know in future musings how this reflects in my sessions but let’s just say I’m more confident about my journey and who I am knowing I am the master of my own destiny.

There is a lot to be said for having inner peace and contentment.

Ms Birch x

16Jun 2020

The beauty of Nature

As we prepare to return to some semblance of normal after several months of time, lots of time, we start to wave goodbye to our lockdown routines, maybe with a little regret, and tentatively embrace the new world that awaits us.

So what will you miss most about your routine that has evolved over the last couple of months?

For me, it will be the ability to linger over tasks that would have previously been rushed.  The walk instead of the drive.  The time to think things through and the anticipation of starting afresh when we are able to.

I particularly enjoy the walk to my local shop, ok it’s countrified here, so it’s a several mile walk of sauntering down country lanes, through woods and over fields.  I’ve documented my route in the attached picture for you to share the beauty of nature with me.  Idyllic isn’t it?  It’s already started to change though – as more cars hit the roads as the owners come out of their hibernation the country lane is less of a stroll and more of a dive into the hedge to avoid the oncoming hunks of metal.  It was good while it lasted.

So now is the time to think about preparing for my return.  Like the majority of ProDommes I do not know exactly when this will be but soon.  I am keeping a close eye on the updates and will let you know as soon as I do.  I will also post my new mobile number closer to the time.

Here’s to you entertaining me with your torment in the near future.

Ms Birch x


23Sep 2018

I do appreciate how nerve wracking it is contacting  Professional Dominatrix for the first time and newbies are more than welcome here where you can experience your fantasy of submitting to a dominant lady.  I will provide you with a bespoke session after listening to your needs.

However, before you contact me please do bear in mind that if you are too nervous to turn up for the session you book you will be wasting not only your own time but more importantly mine.  I don’t give second chances!

You will know your own character and as to where you mindset is, Perhaps you fall into one of the following categories:

  1. You truly long to experience a session and are eager to fulfil this fantasy
  2. You would like to experience a session but are so nervous so maybe you will just ring up a Professional Dominatrix and chat to get your kicks
  3. You like the idea of visiting a Professional Dominatrix but would never follow it through so will just ring up and waste the Dommes time
  4. You are confused and not sure what is right for you

There is a solution for each of these scenarios:

  1. Check your areas of interest match those of the Professional Dominatrix you wish to meet and simply ring up to book.  You will need to know the date, time and duration that you are available to attend and experience something that will stay with you for a long, long time.
  2. If you have no intention of booking please do not was a Professional Dommes time, she will be able to tell.  I offer a “Tea Room” option that may be ideal for you but only book if you know you would definitely turn up.  You can chat to your hearts content with someone who knows and won’t judge where you are.  You will be able to look around my Chambers and then either book or go away and think about whether a session is for you.
  3. Show respect for the Professional Dommes time and stay away from that phone!
  4. A chat in the “Tea Room” is simply perfect for you.  Just give me a call to arrange and I can help you make sense of the confusion.

I look forward to welcoming the genuine newbies into my world.

Ms Birch x


18Mar 2018

I’m back and refreshed after my wonderful birthday break exploring Berlin – simply fabulous.

I doubt there is a single street I haven’t actually wondered down in the fabulous city – I took exploring to a whole new level from enjoying a lovely meal in the revolving TV tower to going underground in an original bunker, going to the theatre to watch the incredible show “The ONE Grand Show”, to climbing to steep steps to the garden above the water tower in Prenzlauer Berg with it’s heart breaking history.  If I ever got the opportunity to live in Berlin it would be Prenzlauer Berg the former eastern side of the wall but now gentrified and just beautiful.

I’m pleased to say after all my exploring I can now move again without pain killers so be warned full torment is now resumed.

Sorry to those I had to disappoint cancelling my trip to West Yorkshire but sadly I was unexpectedly left without a vehicle.  Hopefully, I will be able to rearrange in the near future.

Sessions are available this coming week (in Southampton).  When calling you need to be prepared to leave a message clearly stating the date, time and duration of the session you wish to arrange, and I will call you back.  I know the genuine amongst you don’t mind doing this.  It has been necessary to go down this route as I am constantly breaking off from work to find the call was just another fantasist with no intention of arranging a session but merely attention seeking.

Fantasists should remember I’m running a professional business not a charity and DO NOT offer free chat, emailing, texting or even sessions.  Just like you when you go to work you expect to be paid, shocking I know but so do I!

Those of you that are eagerly waiting for my new designed website, that had taken me weeks to redesign and rewrite, there has been a lengthy delay due to the webmaster being too busy to do this.  Any volunteers with expertise in this area to sort this out for me?

I look forward to tormenting you next week.

Ms Birch x

07Mar 2017

Visit Ms Birch in the Tea Room


You are invited to join me for an open and relaxed chat while enjoying a cup of tea in my Tea Room.

The Tea Room is perfect for those of you that are new to the scene and maybe too nervous to dip your toe into the pool of kink and fetish or maybe you are not sure in what direction to go or perhaps inquisitive as to what is available in a professional domination session.

In the Tea Room you are able to ask those burning questions, discuss where your interests lie and what you are looking to achieve and how a session may help you in an open and non-judgemental environment. You will soon relax in the comfortable lounge and may even like to have a peek at my Chambers before deciding if you are ready to take the plunge into a “real” session.  If you wish to arrange a session designed to meet your needs we can match diaries to arrange or you may simply go away and ponder on our chat and ring my booking line when you are ready.

For the more experienced kinkster The Tea Room is also an ideal venue for you to discuss a more complicated scenario or new areas you wish to explore.  Sometimes you may just want to discuss how you feel that’s ok too.

If a chat with me in The Tea Room appeals to you simply call the booking line stating you would like to visit the Tea Room.  Ensure you know what date and time you want to visit before calling, just in case you are a chancer please note pretending you want a booking does not give you a free Tea Room chat over the phone.

On occasion it may be possible for a maid to be available to serve our beverage however, during our chat you will be assured total privacy.  You will need to be flexible on times if you wish my maid to be present to arrange around life commitments.

Please note my usual fees apply to attend the Tea Room and I will be dressed in a professional and comfortable style.

I look forward to chatting with you soon.

Ms Birch x

24Apr 2016

Tut tut it would appear my videoman is attempting to screw me over, mad fool.

The sad little worm has a lot to learn about me.

Those of you that know me will know I don’t let such things go and I will pursue you to the corners of the Earth, with my last dying breath, if necessary until the wrong has been righted!

I have kept my side of our contract and sadly he is well an arse and thinks he can dictate to me what happens to the few draft videos that have been supplied and the rest of the raw footage.  Dream on hun that isn’t happening.

So the long awaited videos are supposedly no more…

The claim is that his flaky partner has deleted them – lady for a supposedly professional person that is truly unprofessional and you should know better!  If this ridiculous excuse is to be believed reimbursement/compensation and a full legal disclaimer IS required.

With that in mind I will just point out some basics especially for the culprits…

You received payment…

You provide the goods…

OR your provide reimbursement/compensation…

Simple isn’t it?

So simple even an idiot can understand so you have no excuse.

Going AWOL and today a feeble email ignoring my responses thinking that is the end of it is simply not good enough and most certainly NOT THE END OF THE MATTER.

I expect to receive confirmation that you have seen the error of your ways and I am going to be reimbursed.  I will happily come over to your workplace to collect the payment and disclaimer at a mutually convenient time.  Don’t think about trying anything on I will have a witness with me to make sure you don’t.

Signed off by a rather peeved Ms Birch who is not the mug you seem to think I am – a contract is a contract hunni bun.

PS. Any local ladies who want more details so you can avoid having your time wasted too just drop me an email.

05Jul 2015
Bow down to the Bride

Bow down to the Bride

I saw you looking, you like don’t you?  Silly me of course you do lol

A few new pics have been added to my website in the “Galleries” section.  If you haven’t been taking been taking notice go and have a peek NOW.

I will be adding some pics of recent sessions in due course.  If you are brave enough to “star” in some pics let me know when you contact me to arrange your session so I can have the camera poised and ready for action during interesting moments.

Ms Birch x

13May 2015
Rubber and PVC in High Heels

Rubber and PVC in High Heels

And now it is all messed up – are you a man or a sissy pretending to be a man?

Take this morning as the perfect example of a pathetic loser who shouldn’t have been let out on his own. Mechanical motor problems and blocks off a lane on the main roundabout exiting the peninsular!

So does this ridiculous individual kick into action and push his vehicle onto the verge – oh no not this cretin…

…he stands next to his vehicle, head bowed (at least he got that bit right!) arms folded looking feeble.

Really he should NOT have been allowed out without your Mistress.

The result of this incompetence was mighty impressive a a semi circle of gridlock for 5/6 miles long and decent working people being delayed by over an hour.

Now calculate that cost to the economy, hundreds of people late for work, businesses not opening on time, the transport infrastructure at a standstill, deliveries delayed… need I go on?

I personally think an extremely harsh punishment session is required for this misdemeanour. Never again must such stupidity mess up the start of my day!

All because the worm didn’t have his Shredded Wheat and push…

A real man would have taken off the handbrake, shoulder to the door frame and heave…

…and real sissies would be wearing their frilly satin frocks skipping around undertaking chores for their mistress

Ahhh the good old days were so straight forward…

Ms Birch x

08May 2015

Polish my handcuffs...

Polish my handcuffs…

Hello Slaves, Sissies and Others

Take a look at gallery 8 entitled “More of Ms Amelia Birch”…

…new pics of your delectable Mistress in a gorgeous corset and fishnets…

Do tell me via twitter how much you adore my curves and how much you dream of worshiping me and are trying to muster the nerve to come and see me…

Wedding theme pics to come very shortly so make sure you check back.

Ms Birch x


17Apr 2015
Ms Birch

Ms Birch

Hi All

Ahhh all unpacked and safely back from my trip away.

At the moment spaces tomorrow and next week those of you brave enough to actually turn up!

Particularly looking forward to matching diaries with a little piggy who I’m going to transform into an Adonis with gentle persuasion aided by a cane!

Perhaps this should be made a little more interesting, I do like those like it when you compete for my attention so those of you that have had too many moments of “a second on the lips and a life time on the hips” who are serious about obeying me, totally and want to lose weight the hard way – be quick to get in touch.

Ms Birch x


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