24Dec 2023

Remember Christmas will be as good or as bad as YOU make it.  You have the power to adjust your expectations to ensure it is as you wish.

A little tip if you feel your inner diva/demon raising it’s ungrateful head, think of those that really do have problems to deal with.  Running out of stuffing, custard etc or dealing with an annoying distant relative for a day is not going to break you, smile sweetly, hand around the decadent chocolates and ponder on how fortunate you are to be able to moan about first world problems.  If that fails, in a couple of days, send me an email to arrange a session where I will be more than happy to “discuss” your ingratitude.

For those of you doing as I am, spending a day of closing off to the world and relaxing, of course apart from the obligatory message frenzy, thumbs up to you for doing your own thing.  I find it quite empowering.  Not to mention the advantage of not having to constantly explain why I can’t eat or drink what you do and no I can’t have a little cheat as it’s Christmas… no nothing’s changed since I told you the last 10 times other than you’ve drank a lake full of booze, no I really can’t have that… darn digestive disease!  I make no secret that I hate the commercial side of Christmas and the uncontrolled greed.  To me Christmas is about those that are important to you and surely you don’t need a single day in the year, no matter what title you put to that day, to show that they are special, it’s an ongoing fest of appreciation.

Who’s with me on starting a breakaway tradition?  Forget the hype, calm it all down, enjoy a pleasant and tasty, but not overly opulent meal with the people who are important to you, where each person cooks and brings a part of that meal to the table.  If you must give presents it’s something you’ve made yourself; a cake, a picture, a scarf or indeed a plant you’ve grown.  Spend time chatting and valuing the people around the table without the excess and drunkenness which leads to so many problems that could easily be avoided.  You can all see the retailers and marketing teams sending out the hitmen as I type.

I’m going to turn off the phone now for a couple of days, even I need a break from time to time!  I will be back Thursday, 28th.

Although I doubt my wicked imagination will be taking the opportunity to rest.  I have lots of ideas whirring around my head as to how to have some fun with you in the new year.  I will let you know what I’ve come up with once I’ve had the opportunity to put “pen to paper” or should that now be “fingertips to keyboard”?

Whatever way you spend your Christmas, may it be fabulous and everything you want it to be.  If it isn’t, just remember it’s only a day!

Ms Birch x

15May 2022
Ms Amelia BIrch

After a long day at the office!

Hello All

So where has the time gone?  I’ve just realised I haven’t blogged since January and my social media presence has been hit and miss to say the least.

Life has been a little full on.  I have a busy life away from my busy ProDomme persona.  I’ve now organised things a little differently to free up the time to torment you more.

Watch this space for updates.

My diary is quickly filling up for this week but I have Tuesday 17th, the morning of Friday 20th and before 4pm on Saturday 21st May.  The following week is a little better but avoid Monday and Wednesday.

A little reminder ~ please ensure you give me enough detail but don’t get carried away in your first email to me.  A well constructed and courteous email introducing yourself which includes the following would be looked on favourably:

~   Your name, age and any health issues that you have so I can prepare a session around your needs

~   The date and time you wish to session

~   The duration

~   A brief outline of the activities you have an interest in.  I do not have the time or inclination to read a novel so please keep to the point.

If you are feel the urge to use random letters rather than full words or use the words “Hiya”, “Hey”, “Babes” or anything similar please don’t hold your breath waiting for a response.

I will look forward to making your fantasy a reality.

Ms Birch

18Mar 2018

I’m back and refreshed after my wonderful birthday break exploring Berlin – simply fabulous.

I doubt there is a single street I haven’t actually wondered down in the fabulous city – I took exploring to a whole new level from enjoying a lovely meal in the revolving TV tower to going underground in an original bunker, going to the theatre to watch the incredible show “The ONE Grand Show”, to climbing to steep steps to the garden above the water tower in Prenzlauer Berg with it’s heart breaking history.  If I ever got the opportunity to live in Berlin it would be Prenzlauer Berg the former eastern side of the wall but now gentrified and just beautiful.

I’m pleased to say after all my exploring I can now move again without pain killers so be warned full torment is now resumed.

Sorry to those I had to disappoint cancelling my trip to West Yorkshire but sadly I was unexpectedly left without a vehicle.  Hopefully, I will be able to rearrange in the near future.

Sessions are available this coming week (in Southampton).  When calling you need to be prepared to leave a message clearly stating the date, time and duration of the session you wish to arrange, and I will call you back.  I know the genuine amongst you don’t mind doing this.  It has been necessary to go down this route as I am constantly breaking off from work to find the call was just another fantasist with no intention of arranging a session but merely attention seeking.

Fantasists should remember I’m running a professional business not a charity and DO NOT offer free chat, emailing, texting or even sessions.  Just like you when you go to work you expect to be paid, shocking I know but so do I!

Those of you that are eagerly waiting for my new designed website, that had taken me weeks to redesign and rewrite, there has been a lengthy delay due to the webmaster being too busy to do this.  Any volunteers with expertise in this area to sort this out for me?

I look forward to tormenting you next week.

Ms Birch x

17Apr 2015
Ms Birch

Ms Birch

Hi All

Ahhh all unpacked and safely back from my trip away.

At the moment spaces tomorrow and next week those of you brave enough to actually turn up!

Particularly looking forward to matching diaries with a little piggy who I’m going to transform into an Adonis with gentle persuasion aided by a cane!

Perhaps this should be made a little more interesting, I do like those like it when you compete for my attention so those of you that have had too many moments of “a second on the lips and a life time on the hips” who are serious about obeying me, totally and want to lose weight the hard way – be quick to get in touch.

Ms Birch x