Manchester Mistress
Manchester Mistress
Manchester Mistress

Ms Amelia Birch – Hampshire & London Mistress – Fantasy Roleplay


Hants Mistress


Fantasy roleplay is a penchant of mine, the delicious pleasure of putting you through your paces in a fantasy scenario is exhilarating.

Examples to get your imagination tripping into overdrive:

Bitch boss ~ you haven’t been working at full capacity, take your punishment or P45? The choice is yours.

Cross dressing secret is out ~ your boss/housekeeper/landlady catches you dressed in lingerie and decides to make you into a real girlie.

Customs stop ~ I suspect you are up to no good or hiding something. I will get to the bottom of what you are up to.

Devious girlfriend ~ you find out you are in trouble…

Drunken pass ~ how dare you make a drunken pass at me, I will teach you the error of your ways…

Hey Fatty Bum Bum ~ you’re no sweet sugar dumpling darling! Your wife/girlfriend/work colleague humiliates you into moving that lard with exercise punishment

Interrogation ~ you will reveal your secrets…

Interview ~ so what’s so special about you, comprehensive tests of your abilities are required…

Lady of the Manor ~ you are summoned by the Lady of the Manor. Could it be that you are a disappointing servant and you need retraining?

Landlady ~ you are late paying your rent and must beg your landlady not to throw you out…

Nurse (or Doctor) Birch ~ the examination takes on an invasive twist…

Police Interview ~ you are nervous about the body search and being interviewed. You should be!

Prisoner ~ you are newly imprisoned and need to be taught the ropes!

Let me know if you have your own scenario for our session.