Manchester Mistress
Manchester Mistress
Manchester Mistress

Ms Amelia Birch – Hampshire & London Mistress – House Rules


The House Rules are very simple and mostly common sense.

I follow the principals of safe, sane and consensual and risk aware consensual kink. Although all efforts are made to ensure safety at all times you are agreeing to partake in activities that carry some risk.

I see men and women age 25 and over and do not have an upper age limit provided you are respectful and in good health with full mental capacity.

YOU MUST BE IN GOOD HEALTH. If you do have any health issues you must have checked with your doctor that it is appropriate for you to partake in a session and disclose these health conditions to me. DO NOT LIE TO ME! This is for your own safety.

No time wasters. Only contact me if you genuinely wish to arrange a session and have a date and time in mind that you can actually attend. It is not appropriate, and indeed extremely rude to arrange a session when you know you may not be able to attend ie. on call at work. If you have to cancel you must do so in good time if you expect to be allowed the opportunity to book again. See my cancellation policy.

Sessions are by appointment only.

A deposit is required for all sessions

No attempts to obtain free time. Do not contact me pretending that you wish to arrange a session. There are some very sad individuals that get excited by this activity but really do you think you will be proud of this when you are a grown up!

On the day confirmation is required for sessions booked in advance. No confirmation no session and you will be blacklisted as a timewaster. Also, failure to confirm your session, as instructed, will be deemed to be a cancellation by you.

For your first session you will have a 10-minute consultation prior to your booking. This will not form part of your session time but do not try and take the Michael by hoping to use this session to extend your booking time, stay focused and don’t prattle on

Do not arrive under the influence of drink and/or drugs

Do not lurk around outside at any time, carefully follow my simple instructions.

Arrive on time

You will arrive with my fee in an unsealed envelope and give this to me on arrival. I only accept cash in UK Sterling.

Be respectful.

Personal hygiene is of the utmost importance! Be clean and well presented. If you have an unpleasant odour about you (ie. BO, poo, urine, stale spunk) you will be told to dress and the only activity available to you will be verbal humiliation. You are welcome to shower on arrival and after our session. If you will require a shower on arrival, please let me know at the time of booking.

Your limits will be respected.

Topping from the bottom will not be tolerated.

All my equipment and premises are hygienically clean. My Chambers are thoroughly cleaned before and after sessions as are equipment and toys. I use a medical grade steriliser to ensure your and my safety. Where possible toys will be covered with a condom during use – please note this does not mean they have not be sterilised, I am merely taking a responsible and professional approach.

I remain fully clothed during sessions.

You will NOT touch me.

I do NOT offer sex.

I have a vast selection of outfits and will be dressed appropriately for the session you request and do NOT accept requests for specific outfits/make-up style/nail varnish colour etc.I do NOT offer free sessions or phone chat/texting etc. I prefer to concentrate my time on actual sessions and do not partake in protracted communications before or after sessions. If you wish to have excessive communication you need to contact a lady who offers online/telephone domination services and not Ms Birch.