14Mar 2019

Life takes over and rather than stretch ourselves we drift into a rut and slowly over the years the frustration at our situation begins to eat away.  Everyone of us are guilty of this at some stage in our life, me included.

We don’t always appreciate it but each of us have the ability to change this.  Grab at life’s opportunities or indeed make our own opportunities!

Only you can empower yourself to step outside of your comfort zone, give it a go you will probably find it changes you for the better.  I for one am going to step out of my comfort zone and with my trusted slaves will be experimenting in different areas that have caught my interest.  I may not enjoy some of them, but I won’t know until I have given it a good go and others, I’m sure I will love and add to my repertoire.

When you are ready to step outside of your comfort zone contact me and let’s start our journey together.

I do listen to your requirements and tailor your session to you, no standard approach here.

05Mar 2018

Ms Amelia Birch in fabulous new wet-look dress


So, you think I am so weak that I will be swayed with a bit of bribery? I must admit I did feel a bit of a flutter as I picked up the parcels from the Royal Mail office but do not take that as an indication that I am going soft.

Even though you send me lovely items from my favourite shops, Honour and Hawes & Curtis, a rather gorgeous wet-look dress, and lovely blouses [see picture] let me tell you now, quite clearly, YOU WILL STAY IN CHASTITY!

For goodness sake it’s only been 5 weeks. Granted I had forgotten about your predicament until you began snivelling about your discomfort, but I will be the one to decide when you are allowed release and no amount of begging will change that. You will continue in your distracted state at least until I return from my trips away when I will consider your situation.

You may gaze at the picture of me wearing my new dress and imagine how wonderful it would be to feel the soft satin stroke your nakedness as I glided by you wearing the dark blouse.

Ms Birch x

26Jul 2017

Changes are afoot!

Dull, dull, dull I need a change.

Over the next month I’m going to be setting a mission for my webmaster to redesign my website.  I simply need something that is more fitting to what I’m about now.

Just to clarify what to expect

If you are looking to session with a screaming banshee you best move on that’s not my style.  However, if you think you can cope with subtle manipulation tormenting and encouraging you to surpass your own expectations then you should contact me to arrange a session.

I’m happy to torment professional gentlemen and couples from beginners to experienced subs.  Everyone needs a release from time to time with the daily pressures of the business environment taking its toll where you just yearn for the pleasure acquired from relinquishing power and accepting your torment.

I operate in a safe and discreet location, a select residential area with parking.  You will be toyed with in a domestic environment but with the advantage of having my well-equipped Chambers available for our use.

What more could you wish for?

I’m a very busy lady and have other business interests so when you telephone me be prepared to leave a clear and concise message stating the date and time would like a session along with the duration and an “safe” time slot to call you back, obviously the longer and more realistic the time slot the more likely you are to get a call back.  Those of you that call and call and call will simply be ignored as will calls at anti-social times.

Ms Birch x

18Jun 2016

It would appear that the first chapter of my story of the “Perfect Husband” has caused a bit of a stir for some of you.

So to those of you that are getting carried away and seeing yourselves as Lord R I would suggest you read the following response that may for some seem harsh but I’m sick of repeating myself so her goes with my standard response tweaked for the latest silly request:


Oh dear [insert your name here] a reality check really is needed.

Wow you do have a talent for saying in 100 words that could be said in 2.

Yes you have massively jumped the gun!  You want to be my “friend”.  Surely you must realise that those sorts of relationships build over time and needs a “connection” and a lot of trust and simply cannot be forced.  To go in with the proviso that this would happen tells me you are just looking for freebie sessions/contact and a total fantasist.

Would you go to a publican and tell him you will only drink in his establishment if he can guarantee some of the other patrons will definitely become your good friends?  I didn’t think so!

You have built a fantasy of being connected to a femdom and are looking to force that into a professional dom’s session – it is very naive of you and it won’t EVER happen and you will wonder through life looking for the unattainable while missing out on wonderful experiences that are real and worthwhile but do not fit within your “perfect” scenario.  I’ve seen it plenty of times and I find it extremely sad that subs get so blinkered searching for the fantasy that they forget to live and experience growing and developing who they are.

Really doms just fall in love with you and want a relationship?  Perhaps that could be your interpretation, my experience is that subs build up a parallel reality and believe there is much more in the scenario than there actually is which does seem the case here.

I would strongly recommend you ditch the unrealistic expectations otherwise you heading for a discontented future – start to enjoy what is attainable/available and stop day dreaming.

Ms Birch

12Jun 2016

The Perfect Husband Chptr One Lord R Cock Caning

There was a buzz in the air, the chatter and laughter echoed trapped under the high ceilings of the ancient hall. The well heeled dazzled in their refinery. Lady Amelia stood out in the throng the jewels she wore sparkled brilliantly in the light that reflected from the centuries old chandeliers. She wore a simple long satin gown skimming her beautiful curves suggesting the warmth and passion beneath masking the darkness that welled within her. If you were to look carefully you could see the Lord of the Manor watching her tentatively has she mingled with the guests. All gravitated to her, laughing at her wit and hanging off her every word. The perfect hostess in every respect.

As Lady Amelia glanced across those mingling, chatting happily while clutching their champagne flutes she spied him in a small group. She had sensed the intense need in him the moment they had met, he was rather like an over excited puppy eager to please his new Mistress. She had allowed him to woo her while gently teaching him to accept his place in her world which he eagerly did.

On the surface Lord Richard cut a debonair figure, he stood above the crowd standing over 6 foot with broad shoulders from years of physical training that began in his military days. Age had enhanced his stature giving him a brilliant shock of white hair that had transformed him from his drab, dark, insignificant, dowdy, younger years. The projection belied his failings to rise through the ranks beyond the position he attained by his skills of manipulation and dishonesty lying his way to the top. The disappointment of a senior rank that could have been so much more was something his late mother relished reminding him of.

Of course he came from good stock but due to the follies of his wayward ancestors he had been forced to find a wealthy wife in the form of Lady Mary who was recently deceased. She was a petite shrew like creature for whom the decades had not been kind causing her frame to bend and skew. To those looking on it was clear that she had ruled the roost but sadly he had no realisation of this. He behaved as a little boy referring to his mama might.

He had chosen Lady Mary to fulfill his perceived need to have a suitable wife and create heirs to enhance his career prospects. As she was from the right background with the sense and knowledge to undertake the role that was expected of her.  More importantly she provided the trust funds required to sustain the family residence therefore she became a suitable match despite her advanced years over the Lord.

Society had noted that Lady Mary was barely cold when she was replaced by Lady Amelia who the Lord had pursued with a relentless gusto.

Those standing close to the Lord right now might hear a gentle tinkle, tinkle, tinkle that came from the bell that Lady Amelia had attached extremely tightly, almost cutting off the blood supply, to his scrotum. He was grateful for any attention Amelia would give him and now that they were 3 months into their marriage he was in no doubt that she despised him and all he stood for. She savoured tormenting him and breaking his spirit to ensure his lifelong servitude.

He now submitted without question and would happily lay at the foot of her bed when he was allowed chained in any contorted shape that amused his wife leaving him numb with pain. The alternative was to be banished to a cold, bare, dank, dreary room on the top floor which previously would have been the servants quarters with more of a semblance to a convent cell than a boudoir suited to a titled Lord.

Richard was content in his belief that the cruelty she displayed to him was out of love and a need to care for him and he of course would do whatever was necessary to be in the presence of his Goddess whom he had pursued relentlessly as Lady Mary headed for her dotage. He knew once she passed and he inherited her vast fortune he would need a wife he could worship.

As the evening drew to a close the Lord made his way to Amelia’s boudoir and knelt obediently at her door. Eventually after what seemed like an age his legs were numb. He became anxious that his Mistress may have forgotten about him and tentatively knocked on the door. He knew she was in the room as he could her voices, her sexy northern tones but there was another voice, maybe a servant was preparing the room.

The door swung open and she stood dressed in a silk robe that he had recently gifted her. It wasn’t quite fastened allowing him to glimpse her beautiful black lingerie and fully fashioned stockings that were offset by her elegant stiletto shoes. The air around him froze as he realised he had over stepped the mark with his impatience. He quickly lowered his eyes immediately shamed by his fool hardy actions.

Lady Amelia reached toward him and gently caressed his ear sending shivers through his body before clamping it sharply between her forefinger and thumb causing him to gasp for air. She ordered him to stand which he struggled to do as the blood had stopped flowing and as he attempted to rise stumbled as the numbness was replaced by pain quickly followed by pins and needles. There was no time to massage his limbs as he was quickly marched in a bumbling fashion still in a crouched position as she had not let go of his ear, to the foot of his beloved’s bed.

His heart was racing and he couldn’t help himself as he was aroused at the touch of Amelia. She released his ear and forced him to bend over the foot of the bed. She adeptly lowered down his trousers and underwear revealing his lily white buttocks. By now he was oozing pre-cum as he was more than aware how erotic she found thrashing him with a cane and knew she enjoyed to be pleasured after he was punished.

A gentle caressing of his buttocks was followed by the whoosh of the cane with the sharp crack as the bamboo connected with his white flesh leaving it’s angry mark in it’s wake. This continued for an age, he began to shake unable to control himself. He could feel the warmth of the thrashing tearing through his flesh the incredible pain was eventually replaced by a nothingness but he knew from experience that wouldn’t last for long. Once the adrenaline rush had begun to subside he would feel the glorious after burn of his punishment.

This wasn’t the end of his punishment tonight – next she instructed him to place his swelling penis on the old wooden table and at first the cane tapped it in a slow rhythmic manner. The beat increased until there was barely a gap between each connection of the cane to his skin. He couldn’t refrain from screaming out at those glorious sensations muttering incoherently in his ecstasy “thank you Ma’am thank you”. He was drenched in perspiration while his whole body glowed with pleasure.

Suddenly Amelia stopped thrashing him and swiftly fitted a leather collar to his neck. A look of confusion came across the his face to be greeted by a laugh from Amelia. He wasn’t going to be allowed to pleasure her today she had another ready for that.

The Lord was manhandled into the low level cage at the end of Amelia’s bed so he couldn’t see his Mistress but he could hear and feel the movement on the bed.

She leant down and whispered in his ear that “tonight she was going to be pleasured by a real man” and to “listen carefully to what he did for her”.

The Lord could hear as Amelia opened the en-suite door and pulled her lover onto her bed encouraging him to devour her then came the erotic sounds of an intense joining of two people desperate for each other.

Lord Richard could be heard to whimper as tears ran down his face shamed at his inadequacies.

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17May 2014

Maybe I’m “Old School” but I do insist on correct English and not some illiterate text speak when people communicate with me.

To be contacted with a random set of letters in place of words as the author of the email simply couldn’t be bothered to put thought into the first point of contact with me simply SCREAMS at me ILLITERATE, LAZY, LACKING IN RESPECT for themselves and me and clearly those are not the type of people I would ever consider having a session with.

Rightly or wrongly we all jump to conclusions about a person within seconds and you will never get a second chance to make a first impression so do yourself a favour and put some thought into it.

I do appreciate the lovelies out there that actually read my site before contacting me and follow the correct procedure as detailed which is usually followed by a fabulous session.

However, those that simply look at the pictures and approach me in a manner other than that prescribed simply get a response of “Please read my website before contacting me.” which unbelievably I often get the response of “I have”! Oh dear in that case the education standards of today really are below a standard that most of us would find acceptable.

I will continue to look forward to the respectful contacts and continue to disregard those that are below standards.

Ms Birch x

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