I’m pleased and ever so excited to announce that I will be in new premises from 1st December.  There will be space, lots of it with all my fabulous equipment to hand, what more could I ask for?  I will be able to set up my dungeon furniture and still have… you’ve got it… SPACE!!!

I imagine that for the first few weeks I will do a very good impersonation of someone who’s broken into a random property to session as I search out specific bits of equipment while I try and remember where I’ve put things.  Let’s face it, that will only add to the fun.

I will be based in a quiet residential area with easy, free on-street parking.  It is all very discreet, well as discreet as you are.  If you are the type of person that draws attention to yourself, trying and failing in your impersonation of the invisible man as you creep about, nothing will be discreet while you are about lol.

Don’t worry I’m not heading far this move, I will still be on the outskirts of Southampton to the east with easy access to the M27.

Watch this space for more details when I am ready to welcome you into my lair…

Ms Birch x