Manchester Mistress
Manchester Mistress
Manchester Mistress

Ms Amelia Birch – Hampshire & London Mistress – Fetish


Southampton Mistress

Mmmmm so many fetishes to enjoy. I particularly enjoy glove fetish whether that be leather, satin or PU. Neither am I adverse to hand worship. I rather love my fabulous collection of sexy high heeled shoes, sandals and boots. Oh, not forgetting about my love of nylons (vintage nylons are simply the best) but I also like pantyhose and standard stockings. Need I mention satin, leather and PVC too. Simply heaven!

A Goddess simply needs to be worshipped. What’s not to be loved about having you on your knees transfixed by my beautiful shoes, heels, boots and instructing you of my desires.

My feet require massaging, your tongue should be limber and eager. Please me and I may even let you paint my toe nails before gently massaging oil into my delicate lily-white skin.

Be assured I will have you panting in excitement allowing you to sniff my armpits savouring my beautiful aroma.

Queening/face sitting, always fully clothed, may be in order if you are deserving.

Looners are welcome to partake in balloon appreciation. Savour the aesthetics, long to be allowed to touch the cool softness and become intoxicated on the aroma of the balloon. Just let me know how your pleasure arises from balloons, perhaps you enjoy blowing them up, or like to ensure they are protected from being burst or maybe you enjoy popping them.

Let me know if you have a fetish that you think I may enjoy in a session with you.