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Manchester Mistress
Manchester Mistress

Ms Amelia Birch – Hampshire & London Mistress Mistress – Feminisation


Don’t be shy about contacting me as this is something I greatly enjoy.

Whether you are have never dressed before and just want to see what it feels like or are a seasoned dresser or anywhere in between you are welcome. I appreciate that not everyone wants a full make-over so if you simply adore the sensations of certain fabrics against your skin or want to session in panties, stockings and heels that is fine. Just let me know when you contact me to arrange your session with me.

I’m by no means a professional dresser or make-up artist but I do enjoy assisting you transform.

Please be aware that sadly due to the number of time wasting/fantasists requesting feminisation sessions only to waste my time I will now only accept a booking for this service with a 50% deposit.

To be able to enjoy this experience you will need to book a session for a minimum of 2 hours.

Under my direction you will see your feminine side born. There is no one size fits all so each of my sessions is designed to cater for YOU and YOUR needs.

During a feminisation session you will experience all or some of the following dependant on your needs:

Nail painting
Lingerie dressing
Selection of outfit (including shoes) and dressing
Selection of jewellery
Female deportment ie. training to walk and carry yourself as a lady
Training to talk as a lady
Assistance in selecting your name, if required