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Ms Amelia Birch – Halifax, West Yorkshire Mistress – How To Contact Me


Hampshire Mistress

Sessions are available 7 days a week by appointment only. My hours are flexible by prior arrangement preferably with a minimum of 24 hours’ notice. Please note you will receive a discount for booking with 48 hours’ notice or more if you have never cancelled.

Please ensure you have read my website and genuinely wish to arrange a session before you contact me. I do not tolerate fantasists that have not matured enough to understand my time is valuable. Genuine enquiries are very welcomed.

If I have seen you before you may call me on the number given to you once you know the date, time and duration you would like to session.

New enquiries need to be submitted via the session request form at the bottom of this page.

Please note I do not give second chances so get it right first time.

Once I have received your fully completed session request form and I am happy to proceed I will send you a mobile number to contact me on. I do not engage in back and forth emailing so you need to ensure you have completed your session request form correctly. If you have a specific scenario/request in mind please detail this on your form. If clarification is needed I will email you for further details. Please be honest and open in your emails to ensure you get the most from your session. I do not have the time or inclination to discuss your requirements on the phone so this is your opportunity to make your requests. If I do not feel your request is something I would enjoy or you have requested a service that is not on offer you will be advised.

Once I advise you to ring I expect you to do so, if you continue to email after being asked to ring you will be noted as an unsavoury timewaster and blocked.

When you ring I do not provide you with a “free phone domination wank”. Although I am a naturally powerful lady, I will not be in “role” outside of sessions. You will deal with a professional,
pleasant persona.

I prefer to focus my attention on our session and not on endless communication prior to meeting you.

A deposit is required at the time of booking to secure your session. Your session is NOT secured until the deposit is received.

You will be required to call or text Ms Birch by a prescribed time on the day of the session to confirm the appointment. No confirmation by the allocated time will be deemed to be a cancellation on your part and your appointment will be given to a worthier subject. Cancellation policy.

When you arrive for your sesssion feel free to be open and frank with me about your fantasies and needs in respect of your session. Should you require longer than the 10 minutes before your first session to express your needs you would be an ideal candidate for the “Tea Room” service where you can chat to your heart’s desire. Simply advise me at the time of booking you wish to book a “Tea Room” chat in addition to your session time.

Session Request Form

You will not be given a second chance – only fully completed forms will be accepted, please ensure you include all details of the session you wish to have with Ms Birch as ping pong emailing will show you have no respect for Mistress’s time and result in you being blocked.

Disclaimer: Whilst all sessions are conducted in a “safe and sane” manner you must be aware that while all necessary steps are taken to ensure your safety injuries and/or marks/bruises may occur as that is clearly the nature of a domination session and the activities it encompasses. You must ensure that you disclose ALL health issues no matter how irrelevant you think they are before your session.

Deposits are required in ALL instances as detailed on Ms Birch’s website. Your session is not secured until this has been paid as cleared funds and these funds must be paid within one hour of Ms Birch to the session you requested.