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Manchester Mistress
Manchester Mistress

Ms Amelia Birch – Hampshire & London Mistress Mistress – The Tea Room



Welcome to the Tea Room an open and relaxed environment where you can enjoy a chat and cup of tea with Ms Amelia Birch. If you are new to kink but too nervous to go straight into a session and need an intermediary step The Tea Room is an ideal setting for you. You will be given the opportunity to ask those burning questions, discuss where your interests lie and what you are looking to achieve and how a session may help you. You will soon relax in my comfortable home before deciding if you are ready to take the plunge into a “real” session. If you wish to arrange a session designed to meet your needs, we can match diaries to arrange or you may simply go away and ponder on our chat and contact me when you are ready to book a session.

The Tea Room is also an ideal venue for you if you are experienced and want to discuss a more complicated scenario or new areas you wish to explore.

Sometimes it can seem a lonely place being the only “kinkster in the village” and it would be a relief to just chat openly without being guarded about your needs and desires not knowing who will understand.

The Tea Room is for you.

If a chat with me in The Tea Room appeals to you simply submit the booking enquiry form stating you would like to visit the Tea Room.

Please note that on occasion it may be possible for a maid to be available to serve our beverage however, during our chat you will be assured total privacy.

My usual fees apply to attend the Tea Room and I will be dressed in a professional and comfortable style.