New Equipment

31Aug 2018

Cane Discipline

Your lucky buttocks are in for a treat!

I’ve added a few delights to my cane collection, derlin, manila, rattan and fibreglass.

Present yourself appropriately to feel the wonderful sting as they connect to your skin and glow with the beautiful stripes that will adorn your body when you leave feeling fully drained of the stresses of life.

You are required to report for your delightful punishment asap!

04Nov 2015

Well I wouldn’t want to get bored would I?

So how do I prevent that from happening?

It’s obvious!

Find new ways to torment the poor minions out there…


Not for the faint hearted or the whimps out there.

Are you brave enough?  Haha I doubt you are…

I’m now inviting session requests from those that adore the pleasures of electro tingles or simply want to give it a go.

You are responsible for advising me of any health conditions you have at the time of booking.

Pictures to be added in due course, let me know if you are willing to have pictures taken in your session.

Let the fun begin.

Ms Birch xx