01Jan 2024

My fabulous Chambers!

Happy New Year!

It’s only another day but it’s symbolic of new hope, new starts and kickstarting a new attitude and start to drink in the life of 2024.

Personally I don’t bother with new year resolutions, if I really want to do something I do it then and there, why wait until 1st January? The gyms are going to be so full of half-hearted good intentions to get fit which will have dissipated before the end of February!

Some of you know I have a passion for health and wellbeing. Once I tried pilates, I was hooked. Within a year I was addicted to various dance and cardio classes and more recently yoga. I’m in the process of arranging new activities, one includes being very graceful and the other a bat and ball lol. Not bad for someone who at the end of 2018, through illness found walking and to be frank functioning difficult. It goes to show that you can turn yourself around from any situation with a little effort and oodles of determination.

It’s been suggested, many a time, that you would appreciate me putting a package together to help you become motivated in getting your health, fitness, shape and confidence back. Obviously, with a punishment if you would be daft enough to attempt to shirk. I have helped a couple of you with this but I’m now ready to pull something more structured together so watch this space.

The techniques I’ve learnt in my dance classes particularly ballet are invaluable in teaching deportment to those of you who are so inclined. If you enjoy cross dressing, you may be pleased to learn I’m going to be offering make-up, pamper experiences for you and possibly photoshoots as a bolt on. Once I’ve worked out the detail, I will let you know.

I’ve now got the dungeon furniture up in my chambers. The picture doesn’t show it very clearly, but the stocks, kneeling bench, St Andrew’s Cross and horse bench are all erected. It can also be jiggled around to have a medical treatment type couch set up in it. I also have a therapy/beauty room that I am in the process of setting up. I just love my new place; it flows so well. I’m not saying there aren’t any teething issues but that’s the case with any property.

Therapy room that be ideal for beauty and pampering sessions, tranquil with plenty of natural light or with the blinds pulled more private.
I am eventually rebranding. Why? I feel I have outgrown Amelia Birch and have some associations with her that I’m ready to let go of and develop further in other avenues. I will let you know what those avenues are once I’m fully trained, or perhaps at the stage I need willing victims to practice on.

Once I’ve rebranded, I will try and make it so you will be directed to the new domain from this site.
I’m also toying with the idea of OnlyFans but not as you would expect. More along the lines of informative and instructional on all those things you are usually unable to ask anyone.

Oh one more particularly important point. I will be formalising some age restriction guidelines for certain activities. I already have a strict policy on this as I’ve found the older some people get the more unrealistic you are about your capabilities; I will just be formalising it for you to consider. I’m not prepared to risk your health and/or my reputation by your unreasonable expectations. I say guidelines as age is a relative concept. Someone who is 65 who has taken his health seriously, enjoys sport and eats healthily could be in a much better condition than someone half his age who does no exercise, eats unhealthily resulting in all manner of hidden health conditions. This will hopefully help you assess for yourself your own capabilities but my decision on the matter will be final. Stood up in the dock saying “but M’Lord he said it would be ok, he wouldn’t die if I did [x, y, z] to him” wouldn’t get me off the hook!

Why the surge forward on my plans now? No, it’s not because it’s New Year, I’ve covered that above. Now that I’m settling into the new place and not losing so much time to travelling, being less exhausted and much more relaxed makes it’s the ideal opportunity for me to move forward with the things I’ve wanted to do for such a long time, but logistics had prevented.

I have a busy January ahead of me so please bear with me. I will put out details as soon as I can. I’m eager to have new experiences in my world of fantasy and domination. I, of course, will not be too busy to include a few sessions in January but you will need to be organised and arrange with plenty of notice. Please note that January is reserved for the more reliable amongst you.

Enjoy what’s left of the Bank Holiday and see you very soon.

Ms Birch x

10Nov 2023

I’m pleased and ever so excited to announce that I will be in new premises from 1st December.  There will be space, lots of it with all my fabulous equipment to hand, what more could I ask for?  I will be able to set up my dungeon furniture and still have… you’ve got it… SPACE!!!

I imagine that for the first few weeks I will do a very good impersonation of someone who’s broken into a random property to session as I search out specific bits of equipment while I try and remember where I’ve put things.  Let’s face it, that will only add to the fun.

I will be based in a quiet residential area with easy, free on-street parking.  It is all very discreet, well as discreet as you are.  If you are the type of person that draws attention to yourself, trying and failing in your impersonation of the invisible man as you creep about, nothing will be discreet while you are about lol.

Don’t worry I’m not heading far this move, I will still be on the outskirts of Southampton to the east with easy access to the M27.

Watch this space for more details when I am ready to welcome you into my lair…

Ms Birch x

19Oct 2022
Down on the farm

Memories of being down on the farm

Happy memories of a fabulous weekend away making memories down on the farm.  It was such a wonderful time, amazing company, many giggles and we even managed to take lots of photos which I will start to scatter across my advertising.

Now we are entering winter my Hunter wellies will be used to the max.

On a different note I’m pleased to say my Chambers are now set up in my new place in Southampton.  Fabulous location, close to the train station and just off the M3.  A brilliant Mall which will be perfect for shopping trips.  I’m checking out the eateries and coffee houses for public sessions.  I will update my website with details of my new location as soon as I get a chance so stay tuned.

Ms Birch x

25Jan 2019

Hanging Around

Happy belated New Year!

Where have the last couple of weeks gone?  It’s all seems to have disappeared in a haze of being busy not appearing to do very much.

I miss having my own Chambers set up but don’t worry sessions are still good fun in my domestic setting here in as the above pictures shows.  With my wicked imagination the pleasurable torment still flows.

I have now literally only got weeks left (8 I think) to find a new setting before my lease ends at my current property.  It’s my choice not to renew even though I adore the property, which with all it’s amazing features lends itself perfectly to a dungeon environment, but sadly I’m not enamoured with the lack of maintenance by the owner of the building.

So I’m look for a premises be it commercial or domestic that would suit my demanding needs either here or further afield or then again should I be looking to return to the south coast?  A bit of a dilema but I need to lay down some roots somewhere soon.  Three or four moves within a 12 month period are not good for the soul.  Any landlords with a well maintained and discreet property (domestic or commercial considered) to rent for my sole use, I don’t share, do get in touch and we can talk.  I’ve found a few possibilities but each has a problem; either ridiculously over priced or up with an agent I wouldn’t trust to boil a kettle let alone deal with such a major transaction.  The latest property I found appears to be right, or is that just wishful thinking, but has the potential of too many repairs needed on a self-repairing commercial lease basis.

I hate being in limbo, I like structure and plans but I’ve got uncertainty and my lounge at home has become akin to a rather large storage unit with packing boxes taking over.

Wish me luck in my search or make it your mission to impress me by finding the “right” premises.

Keep an eye on my website as I’ve got a very special treat planned for sessions booked for February details to follow.

Ms Birch x