Manchester Mistress
Manchester Mistress
Manchester Mistress

Ms Amelia Birch – Hampshire & London Mistress – Discipline


Manchester MistressCorrection and discipline can be set at many levels so you must be clear as to where your interests lie.

I cater for differing levels. If you are looking for the comfort and reassurance of days gone by when your governess spanked you over her knee (OTK) to put you back in your place then a hand spanking warming your buttocks making them blush can be arranged. Once warmed up my hand can be complemented with a selection of spanking tools that I will allow you to select from my vast range of implements including paddles, canes, crops, whips, floggers etc.

Sensual spanking is something that will leave you relaxing into the sensual touch of my caress but the next moment you will tense with the pleasure of my bare hand connecting with a sting to your buttocks.

If you are in need a harsher experience to forget the cloaks of responsibility that are weighing you down in the “real world” and are deserving of a judicial caning this will be meted out accordingly.

Don’t worry if you sit between these experiences I can fulfil your needs while observing your limits.

If bastinado is your preferred method of correction I will take great pleasure in administering your punishment.