Pines away when left alone…

Those of us that acquired pets during lockdown need to take a care that they don’t get lonesome now they are left alone for stretches of time.

Are you guilty of this neglect?

Here are a few tips to keep them safe when you are busy elsewhere:

Keep them safe and locked away in a cage or securely restrained.

A few toys to keep them occupied.

A bowl of water within easy reach.

Perhaps some nourishment if they are left for long periods.

Unless sensory deprevation is the aim a radio left on for company.

The above will hopefully stop over excitement or even uncontrolled sobbing on your return.

While I am enjoying my British waters cruise, courtesy of a loyal servant, I have ensured my pet will be cared for.  What can I say it would never do if I was to return to a mess and have to take training back to basic training when he has been doing so well.

For those of you concerned as to my arrangements clearly my loyal servant will be accompaning me on said cruise and pandering to me every whim and fancy.

See you again next week on my return.

Ms Birch x