20Jul 2014

024 resizedMmmmm OTK….

Now this is something I particularly enjoy, putting you over my knee and if you are dressed raising your frilly skirt and pulling your little sissy panties down ready to enjoying your little white buttocks.

I delight in seeing the strikes of my hand show on your round, smooth buttocks these reddened hand marks eventually merge into a gorgeous rosiness covering both cheeks and you can feel the heat radiating off them.

Each connection causing a glorious smarting sensation for your to savour.

Obviously the extent of the spanking and what implements I choose does depend on your confessions of misdemeanors but rest assured I will not stop until I am fully satisfied that your wayward behaviour has been rectified.

Now I’m off to moisturise my gorgeous hands massaging those luscious long fingers!

Ms Birch x

13Jul 2014

024 resizedAll men have a weakness, it can be exploited and enjoyed by women world wide but so many fail to do so.

So what is this weakness?

…Testicles of course!

Ballbusting is a pleasure I particularly enjoy but sadly so many men fear this activity and are miserable disappointments:(

I need a subject (or two possibly three but would enjoy more, well I did say I particularly enjoy!) to enable me to put my long legs and gorgeous feet to good use as I manipulate your vulnerability and supply you with the ultimate pleasure of incredible pain making you writhe on the floor while I mock you and encourage you to please me some more.

So I will await contact from the brave souls with a penchant to be taken to a very special place of pain ~ be sure you don’t disappoint!

Ms Birch x

12Jun 2014

arrestWell, well not sure at the moment which “F” I am.  Should I be Flattered or Furious?!

My pictures have been stolen!  No it’s definitely the FURIOUS “F”. I’m spitting feathers and reaching for some interesting pieces of equipment perfect for inflicting a great deal of pain and polishing my boots (as some of you know I particularly enjoy harsh ball busting) as I type this!

The halfwit who has stolen my pictures from this site and put them on Collarspace today under a profile name of “messirable01” and is running a scam trying to get you to join a pay for Gay Cruising Site.  I feel I must make it clear that I have NO connection in any form with the user messirable01 or the Gay website and I’m absolutely disgusted that these idiots have connected me to their dodgy activities.


I’m a little at a loss how the t@*t thinks my pics would attract guys to a Gay Cruising site but who am I to question their superior stupidity?


Wow I’ve got to say Collar Space’s response was amazing to my request for help in sorting this problem out.  They have immediately removed the fraudster.  I wish more sites were this good when dealing with these issues.


I do understand their predicament when this con person registered, there was no way they could have known that this was a fraudster, be it man or woman, was using my pics.  The pics that I’ve taken a lot of time over, it’s not a case of just clicking a camera and done, the outfits have to be carefully selected (I do usually make use of the services of Slaveboy for these occasions – what a eye for style), the location selected and the mood created and then the time obtained.


Thank you to all the members of Collar Space who also helped by reporting this user as a scammer – I can think of many more choice words to use but as a lady I will refrain from voicing them.


A massive thank you to Sub A for spotting this so quickly and advising me.  You are a star and will be amply rewarded.


Seriously P*****d Ms Birch x



03Mar 2014

014Well Ma’am has been busy and with the aid of trusty Slaveboy I’ve had some new pictures produced.  These are in the 2 new galleries added last night.

Must admit I did particularly enjoy putting Slaveboy over my knee and giving him a good hard spanking for a misdemeanor earlier in the day ~ he did make me very cross when he was unable to undertake a task I had set him!  Normally he is so very compliant and adorable but fear just got the better of him.

A suitable punishment will be coming his way, maybe prolonged chastity would be a good start!

Enjoy the pics and watch out for many more…

Ms Birch x

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