12Jun 2014

arrestWell, well not sure at the moment which “F” I am.  Should I be Flattered or Furious?!

My pictures have been stolen!  No it’s definitely the FURIOUS “F”. I’m spitting feathers and reaching for some interesting pieces of equipment perfect for inflicting a great deal of pain and polishing my boots (as some of you know I particularly enjoy harsh ball busting) as I type this!

The halfwit who has stolen my pictures from this site and put them on Collarspace today under a profile name of “messirable01” and is running a scam trying to get you to join a pay for Gay Cruising Site.  I feel I must make it clear that I have NO connection in any form with the user messirable01 or the Gay website and I’m absolutely disgusted that these idiots have connected me to their dodgy activities.


I’m a little at a loss how the t@*t thinks my pics would attract guys to a Gay Cruising site but who am I to question their superior stupidity?


Wow I’ve got to say Collar Space’s response was amazing to my request for help in sorting this problem out.  They have immediately removed the fraudster.  I wish more sites were this good when dealing with these issues.


I do understand their predicament when this con person registered, there was no way they could have known that this was a fraudster, be it man or woman, was using my pics.  The pics that I’ve taken a lot of time over, it’s not a case of just clicking a camera and done, the outfits have to be carefully selected (I do usually make use of the services of Slaveboy for these occasions – what a eye for style), the location selected and the mood created and then the time obtained.


Thank you to all the members of Collar Space who also helped by reporting this user as a scammer – I can think of many more choice words to use but as a lady I will refrain from voicing them.


A massive thank you to Sub A for spotting this so quickly and advising me.  You are a star and will be amply rewarded.


Seriously P*****d Ms Birch x



25May 2014

007 resized 300 pixelsWell, well Slave D has set a very high standard in the stakes of Devotion!

Arranging flights to be able to attend a session to suit my diary deserves a mention and certainly left me feeling slightly smug.

So how are you going to beat that then?  Please bear in mind that I’m not easily impressed.

While I am on the subject of competition – here’s a challenge for you:

W was able to withstand the swinging of the pendulum for 20 minutes in a squatting position while strapped to the extended spreader bar and arms restrained behind him, oops nearly forgot there was a little bit of encouragement in the form of a riding crop gently tapping his scrotum.  Do you think you can do better?

Any takers?  No I thought not ~ in that case maybe W will go down in history as the best!

Ms Birch x



17May 2014

Maybe I’m “Old School” but I do insist on correct English and not some illiterate text speak when people communicate with me.

To be contacted with a random set of letters in place of words as the author of the email simply couldn’t be bothered to put thought into the first point of contact with me simply SCREAMS at me ILLITERATE, LAZY, LACKING IN RESPECT for themselves and me and clearly those are not the type of people I would ever consider having a session with.

Rightly or wrongly we all jump to conclusions about a person within seconds and you will never get a second chance to make a first impression so do yourself a favour and put some thought into it.

I do appreciate the lovelies out there that actually read my site before contacting me and follow the correct procedure as detailed which is usually followed by a fabulous session.

However, those that simply look at the pictures and approach me in a manner other than that prescribed simply get a response of “Please read my website before contacting me.” which unbelievably I often get the response of “I have”! Oh dear in that case the education standards of today really are below a standard that most of us would find acceptable.

I will continue to look forward to the respectful contacts and continue to disregard those that are below standards.

Ms Birch x

Fetish Shoot E (21 of 31) 300 pixels wide

03Mar 2014

014Well Ma’am has been busy and with the aid of trusty Slaveboy I’ve had some new pictures produced.  These are in the 2 new galleries added last night.

Must admit I did particularly enjoy putting Slaveboy over my knee and giving him a good hard spanking for a misdemeanor earlier in the day ~ he did make me very cross when he was unable to undertake a task I had set him!  Normally he is so very compliant and adorable but fear just got the better of him.

A suitable punishment will be coming his way, maybe prolonged chastity would be a good start!

Enjoy the pics and watch out for many more…

Ms Birch x