Ms Amelia Birch Ball Busting

Ms Amelia Birch Ball Busting

Good Evening All

What can I say about this week other than fabulous ~ a couple of sessions stand out as being particularly fun.

One was where I had to spank a rather cheeky minion extra hard and then tie him to the bed for his caning! Mmmmm that was so exhilerating I do adore OTK spanking and caning.

Another fabulous session involved foot worship and bondage with CBT. I just loved how he writhed so much taking the pleasure I was inflicting on him that one of the chains holding him actually snapped! Note to self more chains needed ~ well the chink of chains is such a gorgeous sound.

I’ve also been introduced to the concept of the “Court of Love” it’s really caught my imagination and I’m sure we can use that in some sessions so more research is underway.

Lots of new pics will be posted soon courtesy of the lovely Mr P. A really good day was had taking these with lots of giggles along the way.

Don’t forget to email your testimonials to me after your sessions and I will pop these up on my site.

Tomorrow I won’t be answering the booking line until 2pm but the rest of the week I will be answering, when I am able, between 10am and 6pm.

Ms Birch x