24Jan 2016
Stop wriggling

Stop wriggling

You know you want to but you are apprehensive and the nerves are getting the better of you…

I can sense your anxieties as you step through the door and follow me along the hallway.  Of course I know you are nervous and your heart is pounding, your eyes dart all around but in your panic you are not seeing anything – not sure why you are here, what possessed you to pick up the phone and book?

Fast forward to feeling those restraints tied around your shaking wrists and your arms are pulled up high above you…

The ankle restraints are fastened securely in place and the spreader bar deftly clipped into place forcing your legs wide apart, balance isn’t a skill you now possess…

You feel the release as you submit, you have to submit to me, your vulnerability reassuringly washing over you, you are mine, you were mine the minute you stepped through that doorway you just didn’t know it.

I sense your hopelessness and I’m not happy you are so wrapped up in your own emotions that you are not taking the appropriate care to admire me.  I step close into your space, your weight being held from the wrist restraints hanging there pathetically making no effort head lolling.  Hound dog comes to mind and that will not do…

I cup your face with my hands and raise your head to look directly into my eyes and whisper…

You feel a lurch in your stomach and that burning sensation of fear that is now running through your veins.  Your already erect penis suffers a strong uncontrollable twitch causing it to brush against my clothing hard enough that I notice.  You know instinctively that is not good and you must try and control yourself better.  Your whole body stiffens not sure what will follow your heart is beating so fast you can hear your it, why oh why are you here?  As you start to take notice of my voice and start to focus on the words and gaze into my dark eyes you start to feel a wave of release and your body relaxes ready…

So many sensations of the mind and body in such a short space of time surely you are privileged to have the ability to suffer this experience…

Ms Birch x


04Nov 2015

Well I wouldn’t want to get bored would I?

So how do I prevent that from happening?

It’s obvious!

Find new ways to torment the poor minions out there…


Not for the faint hearted or the whimps out there.

Are you brave enough?  Haha I doubt you are…

I’m now inviting session requests from those that adore the pleasures of electro tingles or simply want to give it a go.

You are responsible for advising me of any health conditions you have at the time of booking.

Pictures to be added in due course, let me know if you are willing to have pictures taken in your session.

Let the fun begin.

Ms Birch xx


05Jul 2015
Bow down to the Bride

Bow down to the Bride

I saw you looking, you like don’t you?  Silly me of course you do lol

A few new pics have been added to my website in the “Galleries” section.  If you haven’t been taking been taking notice go and have a peek NOW.

I will be adding some pics of recent sessions in due course.  If you are brave enough to “star” in some pics let me know when you contact me to arrange your session so I can have the camera poised and ready for action during interesting moments.

Ms Birch x

13May 2015
Rubber and PVC in High Heels

Rubber and PVC in High Heels

And now it is all messed up – are you a man or a sissy pretending to be a man?

Take this morning as the perfect example of a pathetic loser who shouldn’t have been let out on his own. Mechanical motor problems and blocks off a lane on the main roundabout exiting the peninsular!

So does this ridiculous individual kick into action and push his vehicle onto the verge – oh no not this cretin…

…he stands next to his vehicle, head bowed (at least he got that bit right!) arms folded looking feeble.

Really he should NOT have been allowed out without your Mistress.

The result of this incompetence was mighty impressive a a semi circle of gridlock for 5/6 miles long and decent working people being delayed by over an hour.

Now calculate that cost to the economy, hundreds of people late for work, businesses not opening on time, the transport infrastructure at a standstill, deliveries delayed… need I go on?

I personally think an extremely harsh punishment session is required for this misdemeanour. Never again must such stupidity mess up the start of my day!

All because the worm didn’t have his Shredded Wheat and push…

A real man would have taken off the handbrake, shoulder to the door frame and heave…

…and real sissies would be wearing their frilly satin frocks skipping around undertaking chores for their mistress

Ahhh the good old days were so straight forward…

Ms Birch x

08May 2015

Polish my handcuffs...

Polish my handcuffs…

Hello Slaves, Sissies and Others

Take a look at gallery 8 entitled “More of Ms Amelia Birch”…

…new pics of your delectable Mistress in a gorgeous corset and fishnets…

Do tell me via twitter how much you adore my curves and how much you dream of worshiping me and are trying to muster the nerve to come and see me…

Wedding theme pics to come very shortly so make sure you check back.

Ms Birch x


27Apr 2015
Obedient Doggy I have a treat for you

Obedient Doggy I have a treat for you

It’s been too long since you had the pleasure of my musings but alas I’ve been busy nurturing my tender buds and oh boy I have been having fun tormenting you 🙂

Several sessions stand out more than others – sorry but that is just how it is!

I do so enjoy sessions that are relaxed and interactive, you being poker faced and trying to hide your reactions really bores me.

One of the most relaxed sessions in the last few months was with Slave P (see his testimonial back in March), he arrived before I was properly ready so was put to good use massaging moisturiser into my pretty feet taking extra care around my recently painted toe nails.  It wasn’t long though before i had him hanging and writhing in painful pleasure with his cock and balls covered in lovely colourful pegs – those of you that know me have come to realise I am particularly partial to CBT amongst other things…

Then we have a recent ball busting and CBT session with the rather Gorgeous G who followed my direction perfectly obeying my instructions to enable him to extend those limited boundaries of his.  Your Mistress has ways of helping you achieve your goal but is empathic enough to spot when you truly have reached your maximum.  You must submit to me fully and trust to get the most out of our sessions.  It was so sweet at the end of the session when dear GG whimpered “that was harsher than I’m used to” but it was clear he was pleased with himself.

I’m still giggling to myself about a fabulous session last week, never have I experienced a pain masochist who was so laid back where both our laughter rang out throughout the session.  Should I be questioning how much I am enjoying sessions lately?  Sadly I didn’t have my camera to hand but you would have adored to see the welts and bruises on his bare bottom from hand spanking, hairbrush, leather tawse, cane, crop, wooden paddle, and training whip.  Simply a fabulous session emcompassing so many areas of interest.  Definitely looking forward to repeating that one.

Don’t forget to let me (and others) know how much you enjoyed our sessions – email me your testimonial and I will publish it here on my website.

This week I quite fancy a lots of variety, maybe a little sissification and a photoshoot of you dressed, maid trianing, of course CBT and ball busting blah de blah, don’t let me down.

Finally, a note for C – get yourself organised I’m waiting, you know who you are and I don’t appreciate being ignored, no work and life aren’t a good enough excuse my stiletto boots need attention!

Toodle Pips

Ms Birch x

17Apr 2015
Ms Birch

Ms Birch

Hi All

Ahhh all unpacked and safely back from my trip away.

At the moment spaces tomorrow and next week those of you brave enough to actually turn up!

Particularly looking forward to matching diaries with a little piggy who I’m going to transform into an Adonis with gentle persuasion aided by a cane!

Perhaps this should be made a little more interesting, I do like those like it when you compete for my attention so those of you that have had too many moments of “a second on the lips and a life time on the hips” who are serious about obeying me, totally and want to lose weight the hard way – be quick to get in touch.

Ms Birch x


25Mar 2015
First timer eyes watering in humbler

First timer eyes watering in humbler

Mmmmm yesterday was such a hoot!

One session that particularly stood out was a newbie.  Although he had seen Mistresses before he had never been to see Amelia Birch – what a treat he had in store.

First time in the eye watering humbler – before he had chance to think about it he was clamped into the humbler and instructed on standing!  A brave attempt but still needs work – that will be for the next session when kindness will not be a word to describe my demands of him!

More interesting were the shades of grey to green he turned as he was made to watch as I inserted the urethral sounds into his penis.  Obviously there was no escape as he was tightly bound 😉  Mini wand out and placed against the sounds he was soon thanking me and begging for the next size up once.

So here’s to many more firsts.

Ms Birch x


06Mar 2015


Ms Amelia Birch’s place is around 5 hours drive away from where I live, but I firmly believe that a good Mistress is worth travelling for.

When I arrived at her place in Southampton, I was greeted with a friendly smile. Ms Amelia Birch has a fantastic curvy figure and a beautiful face. She is a real turn on!

After a chat over a cup of tea, the session began.

I was allowed to worship her beautiful sexy feet, but then I was made to suffer for it with a hand and paddle spanking followed by firm restraint, nipple torture and lots of CBT.

Looking into her beautiful eyes enabled me to take far more pain than I can normally take, and I loved every moment of it.

There was no obvious clock watching and the session seemed to go on for ages, until I was finally allowed a happy ending.

Ms Amelia Birch is worth travelling for, and I will definitely go back. The 5 hour drive back will be remembered for the warm glow of my backside!

Thank you ms Amelia Birch for a truly wonderful experience.

slave p

03Mar 2015
Chesterfield sofa with handcuffs

Chesterfield sofa with handcuffs

Good Evening All

How time flies when your having fun, guess I must be having lots of fun then!

I’m now on Twitter drop by and say hello or to read the interesting snippets I’ve decided to impart on you! I can be found at @MsAmeliaBirch see you there.

Ms Birch x