Maybe I’m “Old School” but I do insist on correct English and not some illiterate text speak when people communicate with me.

To be contacted with a random set of letters in place of words as the author of the email simply couldn’t be bothered to put thought into the first point of contact with me simply SCREAMS at me ILLITERATE, LAZY, LACKING IN RESPECT for themselves and me and clearly those are not the type of people I would ever consider having a session with.

Rightly or wrongly we all jump to conclusions about a person within seconds and you will never get a second chance to make a first impression so do yourself a favour and put some thought into it.

I do appreciate the lovelies out there that actually read my site before contacting me and follow the correct procedure as detailed which is usually followed by a fabulous session.

However, those that simply look at the pictures and approach me in a manner other than that prescribed simply get a response of “Please read my website before contacting me.” which unbelievably I often get the response of “I have”! Oh dear in that case the education standards of today really are below a standard that most of us would find acceptable.

I will continue to look forward to the respectful contacts and continue to disregard those that are below standards.

Ms Birch x

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