It would appear that the first chapter of my story of the “Perfect Husband” has caused a bit of a stir for some of you.

So to those of you that are getting carried away and seeing yourselves as Lord R I would suggest you read the following response that may for some seem harsh but I’m sick of repeating myself so her goes with my standard response tweaked for the latest silly request:


Oh dear [insert your name here] a reality check really is needed.

Wow you do have a talent for saying in 100 words that could be said in 2.

Yes you have massively jumped the gun!  You want to be my “friend”.  Surely you must realise that those sorts of relationships build over time and needs a “connection” and a lot of trust and simply cannot be forced.  To go in with the proviso that this would happen tells me you are just looking for freebie sessions/contact and a total fantasist.

Would you go to a publican and tell him you will only drink in his establishment if he can guarantee some of the other patrons will definitely become your good friends?  I didn’t think so!

You have built a fantasy of being connected to a femdom and are looking to force that into a professional dom’s session – it is very naive of you and it won’t EVER happen and you will wonder through life looking for the unattainable while missing out on wonderful experiences that are real and worthwhile but do not fit within your “perfect” scenario.  I’ve seen it plenty of times and I find it extremely sad that subs get so blinkered searching for the fantasy that they forget to live and experience growing and developing who they are.

Really doms just fall in love with you and want a relationship?  Perhaps that could be your interpretation, my experience is that subs build up a parallel reality and believe there is much more in the scenario than there actually is which does seem the case here.

I would strongly recommend you ditch the unrealistic expectations otherwise you heading for a discontented future – start to enjoy what is attainable/available and stop day dreaming.

Ms Birch