Changes are afoot!

Dull, dull, dull I need a change.

Over the next month I’m going to be setting a mission for my webmaster to redesign my website.  I simply need something that is more fitting to what I’m about now.

Just to clarify what to expect

If you are looking to session with a screaming banshee you best move on that’s not my style.  However, if you think you can cope with subtle manipulation tormenting and encouraging you to surpass your own expectations then you should contact me to arrange a session.

I’m happy to torment professional gentlemen and couples from beginners to experienced subs.  Everyone needs a release from time to time with the daily pressures of the business environment taking its toll where you just yearn for the pleasure acquired from relinquishing power and accepting your torment.

I operate in a safe and discreet location, a select residential area with parking.  You will be toyed with in a domestic environment but with the advantage of having my well-equipped Chambers available for our use.

What more could you wish for?

I’m a very busy lady and have other business interests so when you telephone me be prepared to leave a clear and concise message stating the date and time would like a session along with the duration and an “safe” time slot to call you back, obviously the longer and more realistic the time slot the more likely you are to get a call back.  Those of you that call and call and call will simply be ignored as will calls at anti-social times.

Ms Birch x