Obedient Doggy I have a treat for you

Obedient Doggy I have a treat for you

It’s been too long since you had the pleasure of my musings but alas I’ve been busy nurturing my tender buds and oh boy I have been having fun tormenting you 🙂

Several sessions stand out more than others – sorry but that is just how it is!

I do so enjoy sessions that are relaxed and interactive, you being poker faced and trying to hide your reactions really bores me.

One of the most relaxed sessions in the last few months was with Slave P (see his testimonial back in March), he arrived before I was properly ready so was put to good use massaging moisturiser into my pretty feet taking extra care around my recently painted toe nails.  It wasn’t long though before i had him hanging and writhing in painful pleasure with his cock and balls covered in lovely colourful pegs – those of you that know me have come to realise I am particularly partial to CBT amongst other things…

Then we have a recent ball busting and CBT session with the rather Gorgeous G who followed my direction perfectly obeying my instructions to enable him to extend those limited boundaries of his.  Your Mistress has ways of helping you achieve your goal but is empathic enough to spot when you truly have reached your maximum.  You must submit to me fully and trust to get the most out of our sessions.  It was so sweet at the end of the session when dear GG whimpered “that was harsher than I’m used to” but it was clear he was pleased with himself.

I’m still giggling to myself about a fabulous session last week, never have I experienced a pain masochist who was so laid back where both our laughter rang out throughout the session.  Should I be questioning how much I am enjoying sessions lately?  Sadly I didn’t have my camera to hand but you would have adored to see the welts and bruises on his bare bottom from hand spanking, hairbrush, leather tawse, cane, crop, wooden paddle, and training whip.  Simply a fabulous session emcompassing so many areas of interest.  Definitely looking forward to repeating that one.

Don’t forget to let me (and others) know how much you enjoyed our sessions – email me your testimonial and I will publish it here on my website.

This week I quite fancy a lots of variety, maybe a little sissification and a photoshoot of you dressed, maid trianing, of course CBT and ball busting blah de blah, don’t let me down.

Finally, a note for C – get yourself organised I’m waiting, you know who you are and I don’t appreciate being ignored, no work and life aren’t a good enough excuse my stiletto boots need attention!

Toodle Pips

Ms Birch x