First timer eyes watering in humbler

First timer eyes watering in humbler

Mmmmm yesterday was such a hoot!

One session that particularly stood out was a newbie.  Although he had seen Mistresses before he had never been to see Amelia Birch – what a treat he had in store.

First time in the eye watering humbler – before he had chance to think about it he was clamped into the humbler and instructed on standing!  A brave attempt but still needs work – that will be for the next session when kindness will not be a word to describe my demands of him!

More interesting were the shades of grey to green he turned as he was made to watch as I inserted the urethral sounds into his penis.  Obviously there was no escape as he was tightly bound 😉  Mini wand out and placed against the sounds he was soon thanking me and begging for the next size up once.

So here’s to many more firsts.

Ms Birch x