Maid in Training


I’ve never been a lover of 30 minute sessions but how things have changed.

My view was that they are rushed and that there is no time to connect and build on experiences within the session.

I’ve now had a total turn around and am appreciating the 30 minute packed session.

Why packed?

Packed because they are fast moving and adrenaline packed.  A very different dynamic to the longer sessions which give the perfect opportunity to experiences lots of different areas and build trust while stretching those boundaries which you know I simply adore doing.

The 30 minute packed sessions are perfect to experience one element such as forced foot worship or perhaps cock and ball torture (CBT) is your thing or perhaps a packed 30 minutes of corporal punishment (CP).

So the upshot is that I am now offering a wider range of 30 minute sessions.

Simply ring to arrange to see what you can take.

Ms Birch x