I’m back tomorrow.  I now don’t expect to be at my current location much beyond the New Year when I will be dismantling my Chambers so don’t dither and arrange your session sooner rather than later.

Following on from my last blog please find below the new session request form.  This is now the method you must use to contact me in the first instance.  Ensure you complete it fully and your request will be considered.  Simply copy and paste it into your email to me or provide me with a coherent email containing the information detailed below.  See it couldn’t be easier.


 ~ M S   A M E L I A   B I R C H ~

Session Request Form

You will not be given a second chance – only fully completed forms will be accepted, please ensure you include all details of the session you wish to have with Ms Birch as ping pong emailing will show you have no respect for Mistress’s time and result in you being blocked. 


The date, time and duration of you are available to session or range of dates and times if you have flexibility:



Date(s)   Time(s)   Duration


Your Name (if applicable also include your TV/Sissy name)   Your Real Age



Mobile telephone number


Disclaimer:  Whilst all sessions are conducted in a “safe and sane” manner you must be aware that while all necessary steps are taken to ensure your safety injuries and/or marks/bruises may occur as that is clearly the nature of a domination session and the activities it encompasses.  You must ensure that you disclose ALL health issues no matter how irrelevant you think they are before your session.

Deposits are required in ALL instances as detailed on Ms Birch’s website.  Your session is not secured until this has been paid as cleared funds and these funds must be paid within one hour of Ms Birch to the session you requested.


Experience in the areas you request below (put an “X” in the appropriate box):

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
No experience             Regular participant


Have you sessioned with a professional dominatrix before?  (put an “X” in the appropriate box):

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Never             Regularly


Interests (put an X in the boxes that are applicable):

Activity Would like to experience: Curious about (may like to experience): Hard limit (ie. not at all):
The Tea Room      
Anal intrusion      
Fantasy roleplay      
Medical play      
Pain play      
Pet play      
Sensual eroticism      
Slave training      


Anything else you want to tell me (keep it clear and concise I don’t want your life history):














To be forwarded to email: MsBirch@Ms-Amelia-Birch.com for consideration.