Hampshire Mistress

Ms Amelia Birch – Southampton, Hampshire Mistress – My Chambers


Hants Mistress


My Chambers are currently spaced across 2 rooms which consist of a spacious room containing St Andrews Cross, a Horse Bench, Pillory Stocks and Examination Table. This room also houses the majority of my equipment and toys. A smaller room contains a Kneeling Bench and my impressive collection of anal toys and strap-ons. There is also a full-length mirror which can be positioned for you to watch yourself being taken. Part of my vast shoe collection is also in this room. My dungeon furniture has all been bespoke handmade and is styled in a medieval theme and as such very sturdy.

I have my eye on various other pieces of equipment and once I work out how to fit everything into my Chambers or find larger premises I will be expanding on my dungeon furniture.