08Aug 2018

Ms Birch rocking PVC

The good news is that I’m now settled and ready to take sessions in my lovely house in Ashton-Under-Lyne.  It’s taken a little longer than originally estimated to get set-up but all is good now.  Pictures will follow in due course.  I expect to be at this location for 4-5 months before moving to other premises but more of that in the future.

I can’t wait to torment you Mancunians and of course the interlopers, like myself through plan or accident have found themselves in this beautiful part of the world.  I’m looking forward to exploring the delights of this part of Lancashire.

I am going to miss the beautiful surroundings of Hampshire and my loyal slaves but am looking forward to the dedicated of them visiting me here in Ashton for extended sessions.  Hopefully you northern boys can keep me occupied in the meantime.

So, what can you expect?

You will arrive at my discreet house in a residential area of Ashton and within 10 minute walk of Ashton train station.  If arriving by car there is ample on road parking and I can be found 10 minutes (just over 2 miles) from Junction 23 of the M60.

The nondescript exterior belies the torment and pleasures that await you inside.  The property is set over 3 floors so please do ensure that your mobility enables you to climb the stairs.  If you think this may be a problem please contact me to discuss as we may be able to, with a little imagination, conduct your session on the ground floor.

The ground floor is furnished as a lovely domestic setting where an array of scenarios may be enjoyed.  The first floor contains a boudoir perfect for restraint or any other whims that take my fancy with another room that I may use as a sissy dressing room depending on what interest I receive.  The second floor contains the dungeon furniture.  My vast selection of equipment and toys to use on you to entertain myself are spread across the property and may be used in any room that I desire.

Please be assured that I operate in a safe and sane manner and your well being is a priority of all times but this does not mean where necessary you won’t be stretched to your breaking point.

I have done everything in my power to ensure that your visit is discreet, I expect you to show me the same courtesy in return.

I look forward to welcoming you into my sanctuary of torment.

Ms Birch x



22Jun 2018

As the title suggests, but just for a few days, I’m swapping my stilettos for trainers; my pvc for jeans; my whips for stone skimming competitions down at the beach and spitting in your face will be forgone as I eagerly lick that ice cream before it melts.

I know it doesn’t sound like much of an issue that needs my emergency attention but those that know me will know that I make the most of situations good or bad so while I’m doing my caring, sharing bit I intend to enjoy as will the person I will be caring for.

I will be back on Thursday 28th June but it will be late in the day before my Chambers are set back up.  My mobile will be turned on at specific times before Thursday dependent on the number of eager volunteers I have to do this.  These times will be limited and only by prior arrangement so please do email to book in to speak to me to arrange your Thursday session.  Be aware I won’t be able to tolerate long rambling conversations, not that I would anyway, so keep to the point.

I will check emails in the evenings from Monday.

Ms Birch x

15Apr 2018

You’ve noticed haven’t you?  My wonderful crisp new website of course.

Hope you like it as much as I do.  It more accurately reflects me now and even better it has room for advising you of exciting new developments as they occur.

Thank you to my fabulous webmaster for all his hard work redesigning and updating my website, I’m sure you will agree he’s done a grand job.

Keep an eye out as I have lots of new pictures coming too.

Have a read through and give me a call to arrange your session with me.

18Mar 2018

I’m back and refreshed after my wonderful birthday break exploring Berlin – simply fabulous.

I doubt there is a single street I haven’t actually wondered down in the fabulous city – I took exploring to a whole new level from enjoying a lovely meal in the revolving TV tower to going underground in an original bunker, going to the theatre to watch the incredible show “The ONE Grand Show”, to climbing to steep steps to the garden above the water tower in Prenzlauer Berg with it’s heart breaking history.  If I ever got the opportunity to live in Berlin it would be Prenzlauer Berg the former eastern side of the wall but now gentrified and just beautiful.

I’m pleased to say after all my exploring I can now move again without pain killers so be warned full torment is now resumed.

Sorry to those I had to disappoint cancelling my trip to West Yorkshire but sadly I was unexpectedly left without a vehicle.  Hopefully, I will be able to rearrange in the near future.

Sessions are available this coming week (in Southampton).  When calling you need to be prepared to leave a message clearly stating the date, time and duration of the session you wish to arrange, and I will call you back.  I know the genuine amongst you don’t mind doing this.  It has been necessary to go down this route as I am constantly breaking off from work to find the call was just another fantasist with no intention of arranging a session but merely attention seeking.

Fantasists should remember I’m running a professional business not a charity and DO NOT offer free chat, emailing, texting or even sessions.  Just like you when you go to work you expect to be paid, shocking I know but so do I!

Those of you that are eagerly waiting for my new designed website, that had taken me weeks to redesign and rewrite, there has been a lengthy delay due to the webmaster being too busy to do this.  Any volunteers with expertise in this area to sort this out for me?

I look forward to tormenting you next week.

Ms Birch x

05Mar 2018

Ms Amelia Birch in fabulous new wet-look dress


So, you think I am so weak that I will be swayed with a bit of bribery? I must admit I did feel a bit of a flutter as I picked up the parcels from the Royal Mail office but do not take that as an indication that I am going soft.

Even though you send me lovely items from my favourite shops, Honour and Hawes & Curtis, a rather gorgeous wet-look dress, and lovely blouses [see picture] let me tell you now, quite clearly, YOU WILL STAY IN CHASTITY!

For goodness sake it’s only been 5 weeks. Granted I had forgotten about your predicament until you began snivelling about your discomfort, but I will be the one to decide when you are allowed release and no amount of begging will change that. You will continue in your distracted state at least until I return from my trips away when I will consider your situation.

You may gaze at the picture of me wearing my new dress and imagine how wonderful it would be to feel the soft satin stroke your nakedness as I glided by you wearing the dark blouse.

Ms Birch x

26Dec 2017

Yes, that’s where you will visit me in a discreet (and also discrete lol) residential property located in the desirable outskirts of Southampton.

Your session may be conducted in any of the rooms of my choosing that I have set aside for your torment and pleasurable punishment.  These rooms consist of a pleasant relaxing lounge, two rooms which make up my chambers kitted out with handmade, bespoke, and sturdy equipment and oodles of toys, no cheap tat here.  The attached collage gives you an idea of what you might expect in my chambers.  These rooms are complemented by a boudoir that belies the various torments possible in a domestic setting.

My setting provides for a safe and relaxed environment to close the door on the world and let the fantasy commence.

I have private, unseen from the road, parking for you so no worries about curtain twitchers.  The only way you will be noticed in this location is if you do something to draw attention to yourself.

Even better for those without their own transport I am only a 10/15 walk from the local train station or a convenient taxi ride from Southampton airport.

It just couldn’t get better could it?


Ms Birch x




28Nov 2017

Hello All

I’m back at last after coming down with a stinking virus.  For the rest of the week I’m only taking a limited number of sessions so book early to avoid disappointment.

See if you can match up to the start of an amazing week.  My days can never be predicted and at times can seem pretty surreal but the highlights so far this week are an amazing crucifixion role play and today a plastic panty spanking session.

You cannot imagine how fabulous it is to have a slave tied to the cross all his weight on his wrists and ankles suspended in air on his cross unable to release himself, trapped until I climb up the ladder to release him.  Rest assured he wasn’t allowed down until he is thoroughly tormented and teased with my amazing collection of sexy shoes.  No matter how much he begs he isn’t released.  I do adore having you beg me for mercy.

Who would have thought that plastic panties could enhance the sound of spanking as you are tied to the bed.  Unable to move you can only attempt to squirm as I spank you hard through your plastic panties as you are heating up and sweating inside them.  First my leather gloved hand warms up your lily white flesh before you get the harshness of my bare hand.  Then you take your punishment with paddles soft and padded then hard wooden with studs followed by a vintage leather tawse.  You take as much as you can before I pull down your panties and gently run my long manicured nails across your back down to your fiery red buttock.  You relax into the pleasure and pain not know which is the is the most intense part of the sensation.

Now if you think you are worthy of my attention I suggest you don’t dilly-dally and call (after reading my website) to arrange to experience your long thought about fantasy.

Ms Birch x


04Nov 2017

There is a place for fantasy and let’s face it most of what I do is based on fantasy but when YOU are trapped in the realm of fantasy and unable to connect to reality this is sadly a one-way ticket to disappointment.

I see it all the time, emails from the unrealistic complaining about “let downs” by other Mistresses but when you try to drill down why they feel “let down” it usually comes down to their “perfect fantasy” wasn’t fulfilled.  In most cases the reality can never ever match what is in their head.

The imagination is an amazing thing where anything and everything is possible, you can magically float on air, your body can be distorted in a variety of impossible positions without breaking or dislocating, you can tolerate incredible temperatures without burning etc etc .  Imagination enables you to do anything and you don’t have to consider your own physical restrictions, your safety or even what equipment is needed.

The more sensible “fantasists” realise that imagination feeds the impossible and that is why many choose to visit an experienced professional dominatrix as they know their wellbeing is of the utmost importance and their requirements as far as humanly possibly will be catered for with skill and grace and enjoy the pleasures of sensations whether they be tormenting or enjoyable in a subspace leaving the issues of “reality” in the hands of your dominatrix.

The less experienced “fantasist” will simply continue to chase the impossible blaming those around them for their own lack of ability to tune into a happy place between the unachievable fantasy and the restrictions of reality.  These are the people that have no respect for the time of others and will happily attempt to waste my time.

So, to help those that are deluded in their thinking that an initial contact of a wank email (or indeed phone call) will impress I have summarised below what to include and what to avoid:


A polite salutation addressing me correctly

A succinct and polite request for the date, time and duration you wish to session.  Obviously the broader the range of time you have available the more likely you are to find a gap in my busy diary.

A brief note of your experience.  I do not want to know details of every encounter you have had since the age of 18, what your past dommes enjoyed, what your wife likes or doesn’t like!  I will have given up reading your email before I get to the second sentence.  A mere “This is my first visit to a professional dominatrix” or “I have many years’ experience in xx” will do.

A note of your likes, ie specific areas such as CP or electroplay and to what level.  Stating “BDSM” tells me nothing other than you have no idea about anything.

A note of your hard limits.

You also need to include your mobile phone number, so it can be noted on my phone for when you are requested to call.

Remember to always be polite and courteous any derogatory language will simply result in you being blocked.


If you feel you can’t get across what you are looking for in this format I would recommend you stay safely cosseted in your own imagination rather than waste the time of real people.

Ms Birch x


25Sep 2017

Never let it be said that I don’t look after you.  I’ve spent lots of time researching and decided on alternative payment methods for you to pay your deposit showing that you genuinely intend to turn up for a booked session.  Sadly, this industry is fraught with fantasists and time wasters that get off on wasting the valuable time of those superior to them but who unfortunately were born without the balls to attend a session which means a deposit is necessary.  I’m beginning to wonder if the amount of deposit I request ie. £20 for each hour or part hour booked is adequate as my time is still being abused by the unworthy.  I have noted that a 50% deposit is becoming more of a norm and I will consider that on another day.

Selecting discreet, safe and speedy payment methods isn’t as easy as it sounds especially for those of you that can’t risk making payment via your bank account for fear of unexplained transactions, albeit small ones, being noticed.  Personally, I would simply set up a “secret” account with all correspondence going to a “secret” email account and online statements only into which I would snaffle funds into.   Then wahey – easy a bank transfer into my business account could be made without any fuss but paranoia seems to prevail.

Listed below are the methods now available for you to pay your deposit (these will be updated on my website shortly):

  1. Preferred and easiest method bank transfer into my business bank account.
  2. Amazon gift card. These can be purchased at shops and then you simply email or text the code from the gift card or you can make a purchase using your online Amazon account.  Simply purchase a gift card online have it emailed to your own account and then cut and paste the voucher code into an email/text to me.
  3. For deposits of no more than £20 you may purchase a PAYG mobile voucher and email/text me the code or you may purchase one through ATM machine that will automatically load to the number I advise you to credit.

Please don’t request to pay via Paypal unless you wish to be noted as a time waster.  We all know this is the preferred method of the dishonest as Paypal is one of the very few ways that you can reclaim the funds back and cause problems with my account.

There seems to be some confusion but let me clarify it here.  When you go to work you get paid, my work is providing expert sessions for you and I get paid for these.  Nowhere on my website does it state that I offer FREE sessions, don’t embarrass yourself and waste my time by trying to blag one.

On a light note keep an eye on out I will have some spare time very shortly and what better way to spend this time than humiliating you or indeed simply tormenting you so I will be putting up an advance booking discount in due course.


Ms Birch x

10Sep 2017

Sissy wearing nylons


Always one to think of recycling and doing my bit for the environment I’ve have the perfect use for my used nylons.  They make perfect restraints in a little bit of nylon bondage.  You know who much I just adore having you bound and vulnerable at my feet!

Gorgeously modeled by Slave Boy who ever so eagerly, for the first time ever, slipped into pretty knickers, suspender belt with beautiful fully fashioned stockings (FFS) and heels.  Nothing like baptism by fire, why stop at wearing nylons lets go the whole hog.

Ahh doesn’t she look cute?

My box of used nylons is filling up and my draw of new FFS is emptying [hint].  Maybe you will be the next one to test the suitability of nylons as restraints – be assured you won’t escape them.

Ms Birch x