Hampshire Mistress

Ms Amelia Birch – Southampton, Hampshire Mistress – Electroplay


Hampshire Mistress

Erotic electrostimulation anyone? Don’t rule it out until you’ve tried it. Electroplay can, in the right hands, give you amazing sensations that are surprisingly erotic. For those who prefer stronger sensations be careful what you wish for you may find you are not able to control yourself.

I enjoy tormenting you with the E-Stim unit and have an interesting collection of attachments including cock straps, rubber loops, python and urethral sounds for cock and ball play the whisk and double pin wheel for sensation play and anal flange.

See the sparks fly with the Violet Wand which is based on electro equipment used by the Victorians for medical and therapeutic purposes. I have a selection of glass electrodes each providing different levels of pleasure but let’s see if you can take the sizzles created by the flex capacitor and electro whip.

As a final point on electroplay – it is not suitable for everyone so you MUST be honest with me when about your health, questions are asked for your health and safety not out of a desire to pry into your personal detail. Safe and Sane are the buzz words!