Those of you that follow me on twitter will know that I had to close my appointments to newbies for the short term but continued to see regulars.  Unfortunately, I will now be fully taking the next couple of weeks off while I concentrate on a barrage of medical tests and procedures in the hope of a diagnosis and find what changes I need to undertake to stay well.

I’m feeling overwhelmed, battered, bruised and tired after a couple of weeks of hospital appointments and have another procedure next week which will knock me out for an expected 3 or 4 days.  I’m really stressed about this one as a lesser one yesterday didn’t go well.  Maybe attempting it without sedation wasn’t the wisest decision ever and I did profusely apologise to the surgeon after I’d smacked him!  He was so lovely about it, but I feel awful that I had responded in such a way to someone who frankly deserved much better.  Luckily, he totally understood it was an instinctive response to what he was doing.

All the staff I’ve come across at my new GPs, even the normally dreaded receptionists, and the different departments of the hospital including the pharmacist have been absolutely wonderful and so kind, caring and reassuring, in some cases just a little too much.  Full credit must be given to the registration nurse at my new GPs who insisted that I see a GP urgently and from there within 2 weeks I’m sat with the consultant and not one part of me has been left unexamined at least once, every which way possible!

Rest assured I’m not just sat here brooding, I’m taking my time out to plan even more torment for you and I may be expanding my repertoire on my return.

I have however, made the decision that I won’t be staying in Manchester – sorry but so many idiots who occupy their sad, lonely lives wasting the time of professional dommes.  Not my idea of fun.  However, for my trusted regulars I will make arrangements to be able to still see you – I wouldn’t just abandon you!

So, moving forwards if there are any kink friendly landlords with a decent property in a good area, for my sole use, I’m not interested in sharing, maybe between Oxford and Basingstoke please do get in touch.

I thank you for your patience at this time but there are exciting times ahead.