A little frivolity!

Join me in Frivolous February…

Right I’m in the mood for lots of fun…  but that will only be achieved by tormenting YOU!

If you are brave enough join me…

As I’m new to the area and most of you don’t know me yet…  Here’s a little enticement for you to take the plunge, but there are conditions so take heed…

1 hour session will be £100 just for February and each hour thereafter is £100 ph up to 3 hours, so for those of you that mucked about at school and can’t work it out I’ve made it simple for you:

1 hour @ £100

2 hours @ £200

3 hours @ £300

The conditions:

These rates only apply if you adhere to the following:

  • You can book by completing the enquiry form on this site and during the arrangement process there are no more than 2 email contacts and 1 phone call plus the on the day confirmation (my time is valuable and you are already getting a fabulous rate so don’t abuse it!)
  • You pay your deposit via Amazon voucher within an hour of my confirmation that I am happy to see you.

All very simple, no reason not to book!