Ms Amelia Birch – Southampton, Hampshire Mistress – Etiquette



Can I touch you?
No don’t be silly!
What will you wear?
I have a vast selection of outfits and will be dressed appropriately for the session you request.  I will remain fully clothed during the session.



Do not arrive under the influence of drink and/or drugs

Arrive on time

If you have to cancel you must do so in good time if you expect to be allowed the opportunity to book again

Do not lurk around outside at any time

I only see men and women age 25 and over and do not have an upper age limit provided you are respectful and in good health with full mental capacity. You MUST advise me of any health issues you may have when you contact me to arrange your session.

Hygiene is of the utmost importance – shower facilities are available before and after your session.  For strap-on facilities etc please ensure that you are appropriately prepared and clean.
For your first session you will have a 10 minute consultation prior to your booking.  This will not form part of your session time but do not try and take the Michael by hoping to use this session to extend your booking time, stay focused and don’t prattle on.