Perhaps someone can tell me what the timewasters get out of booking and then either not confirming on the day or not paying their deposit, basically just disappearing into the ether.  I wonder if they are so pleased with themselves that they store the stories of how many minutes of a Professional Dominatrix time they wasted ready to regale their  grandchildren with the feast of their achievements in life.

Maybe they are so excited and covercome by my dulcet tones that they are stupified and unable to function after the initial conversation?

Whatever reason, time has come to put a stop to these individuals.  99% of sessions booked here in Ashton are sadly of this type so due warning is now given as I’ve got much better things to do ~ WASTE MY TIME AND I WILL PUBLISH YOUR DETAILS effective immediately!

Will it stop them?  I doubt that very much but it will make me feel a whole lot better and has the advantage of giving other Dommes in the area fair warning about the sad, little men.