Hampshire Mistress

Ms Amelia Birch – Southampton, Hampshire Mistress – How To Contact Me


Hampshire MistressSessions are available 7 days a week and my hours are flexible by prior arrangement preferably with a minimum of 24 hours’ notice. Please note you will receive a discount for booking with 48 hours’ notice or more if you have no history of cancellations.

This is not my full-time occupation, I hold a professional position in the “real world” as well as that of Pro Domme. With this in mind, if calling, you must be prepared to leave a CLEAR message, indicating your name along with the date, time and duration of the session you require with details of a reasonably long “safe” window to call you back. Messages omitting these details, or an unreasonably short window will be ignored. Those who persistently call but do not leave a message will simply be blocked. Experience has shown that those who genuinely wish to session will leave a message.

Please ensure you have read my website and genuinely wish to arrange a session before you contact me. I do not tolerate fantasists that have not matured enough to understand my time is
valuable. Genuine enquiries are very welcomed.

Before contacting me you need to be aware of:
Date you wish to session (or range of dates)
Time you wish to attend
Duration you would like session
Type of session you wish to request
Cost of the session you require
Be able/prepared to pay over the deposit once I have accepted your session request

Please note I do not give second chances so get it right first time.

You may contact me by email: MsBirch@Ms-Amelia-Birch.com
(show me your education wasn’t wasted – no text speak)
You email should detail the information listed here.

Or telephone the booking line: 07922 534614 from a mobile phone if you can express your wishes clearly and briefly and know the date and time you wish to enjoy a session. This phone is answered, if I’m available between 10am and 6pm Monday – Friday. Be prepared to leave a message if your call cannot be taken. Please note that this is a booking line only texts from numbers I don’t recognise and withheld numbers are ignored. Any other enquiries should be made via email.

When leaving a CLEAR voicemail message you must include:

Your name and telephone number
Date you wish to session (or range of dates)
Time you wish to attend
Duration you would like session
One sentence stating type of session you wish
A “safe” timeslot (as long as possible) that you will be available for a call back. If I miss this window I will not call you and you are welcome to call back.

If you have already called and are unable to take a return call you may text with the following message:

“Ma’am I wish to visit you, do you have any availability on [date] at [time] for [duration] and my interests are [x, y,z (keep it short)] Regards [name]”

I will respond with a discreet business-like text giving you with a window(s) that I expect to be able to take you call.

Please do not expect me to provide you with a “free phone domination wank” when you ring. Although I am a naturally powerful lady, I will not be in “role” outside of sessions. You will deal with a professional, pleasant persona.

I prefer to focus my attention on our session and not on endless communication prior to meeting you.

Feel free to be open and frank with me abut your fantasies and needs in respect of your session. Should you feel you need longer than the 10 minutes before your first session to express your needs you would be ideal candidate for the “Tea Room” service where you can chat to your heart’s desire. Simply advise me at the time of booking you wish to book a “Tea Room” chat in addition to your session time.

Sessions are by appointment only. Same day appointments may be possible but advance arrangements will be looked on more favourably.

A deposit is required at the time of booking (this includes same day sessions) to secure your session. Your session is NOT secured until the deposit is received.

You will be required to call or text Ms Birch by a prescribed time on the day of the session to confirm the appointment. No confirmation by the allocated time will be deemed to be a cancellation on your part and your appointment will be given to a worthier subject. Cancellation policy.

If you are emailing your email should be satisfactorily respectful and clear to the point you will need to clearly state the following in your email contact:

  • State in the title the date, time and duration of the session you are requesting
  • Address Ms Birch correctly ie. “Ma’am”
  • Introduce yourself (I am not interested in your life story – the relevant bits only)
  • A note of your age, health and/or mobility issues
  • A note of your likes and limits and a very brief history of your experience (again I do not have the time or inclination to read through your life story)
  • Brief details of what you would like to get out of our session
  • Your mobile number (this will then be logged in Ms Birch’s mobile to accept your call – Ms Birch does not call you in the first instance)

If you have a specific scenario/request in mind please detail this in your email. If clarification is needed Ms Birch will email you for further details. Please be honest and open in your emails to ensure you get the most from your session. Ms Birch does not have the time or inclination to discuss your requirements on the phone so this is your opportunity to make your requests.

If for any reason Ms Birch does not feel your request is something she would enjoy or you have requested a service that is not on offer you will be advised.