Yes, that’s where you will visit me in a discreet (and also discrete lol) residential property located in the desirable outskirts of Southampton.

Your session may be conducted in any of the rooms of my choosing that I have set aside for your torment and pleasurable punishment.  These rooms consist of a pleasant relaxing lounge, two rooms which make up my chambers kitted out with handmade, bespoke, and sturdy equipment and oodles of toys, no cheap tat here.  The attached collage gives you an idea of what you might expect in my chambers.  These rooms are complemented by a boudoir that belies the various torments possible in a domestic setting.

My setting provides for a safe and relaxed environment to close the door on the world and let the fantasy commence.

I have private, unseen from the road, parking for you so no worries about curtain twitchers.  The only way you will be noticed in this location is if you do something to draw attention to yourself.

Even better for those without their own transport I am only a 10/15 walk from the local train station or a convenient taxi ride from Southampton airport.

It just couldn’t get better could it?


Ms Birch x